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Reflecting On 1978-1979 

Lance 1979 

Gannon College 

Erie, Pennsylvania 

Table Of Contents 














The Way It Was 

jitm | W'- 1 -J*HH«*f— . _^ iii 

^^^ ^^At^ 

WA W \ 

Vi .<£ 1 

Gannon College 

A Celebration of Life 

Reflections 1979 

A Celebration of Spirit 















Gannon College is only one 
fragment of your life. How- 
ever, it will yield memories 
that will most likely influence 
the rest of your life. You will 
look back on your college 
years and remember those 
parties, finals, basketball 
games, friends or professors 
and relive those days over 
and over. These are the 
images in your mind. They 
are the reflections of time. 


Gannon . 

If one thing could characterize Gannon Col- 
lege as an institution during 1978-79 it could 
be its ambitious and often controversial move 
towards becoming a university. When the stu- 
dent body left Gannon in May of '79, it didn't 
know whether it would return to a college or a 

A nine man evaluating team had reported to 
the State Department of Education that Gan- 
non should become a university. The team 
commended Gannon's balanced budget, en- 
rollment stability, and growth in endowment. 
It called the four or five blocks of facil- 
ities and the faculty "impressive," and it 
said the faculty was ready and qualified to as- 
sume the responsibilities of university. 

In conclusion, the evaluating team said that 
the college had support for its university quest 
from the trustees, faculty, administration, stu- 
dent body and alumni. 

But, that support had been preceeded by 
concerned controversy about the need and 
motive for Gannon's move toward university. 
Although everyone left that Spring with antic- 
ipation that Gannon would achieve U-status. 
What characterized the year was the contro- 
versy and questioning about it. 

The first steps toward university status had 
been taken before everyone returned to school 
in September of '78. An ad-hoc committee had 

recommended that Gannon apply for U-status 
as a "liberal arts university." The committee 
defined "liberal arts university "as one with 
many large undergraduate and masters level 
programs, but as one with a limited mission in 
doctoral programs and research. 

This was a new twist in the state's concep- 
tion of university. In '72, Gannon had applied 
for U-status but was turned down because, 
according to Gannon President Dr. Joseph 
Scottino, the state did not make universities 
out of colleges with Gannon's size and academ- 
ic structure. The state's new thinking had al- 
lowed a college similar to Gannon to become a 
university. Now, Gannon too, was attempting 
to change its name. 

The new "Liberal Arts" concept of university 
meant that if Gannon did 'go university' it 
would not become a Harvard or a Yale. It would 
not have a large research purpose. It would 
not increase its size. 

Scottino said, "It would remain a medium 
sized, liberal art, Catholic community, char- 
arterized by its personal and friendly environ- 

But that simplistic statement did not answer 
the many questions circulating about the 
change and what it would do to the atmos- 
phere of the college on the lake. 


College Or University? 

At a series of faculty meetings with the ad- 
ministration, faculty and administration alike 
brought forth their fears and prospects about 

- initially the faculty resented the way the 
change had been presented and planned. 
The first discussions and recommendations 
for U-status had taken place during the sum- 
mer when most faculty were not around. 
A major change in their way of life had not in- 
cluded their input. 

- some said the changes that would come 
with U-status had not been evaluated. They 
said that the application was being made be- 
fore everyone was certain of its impact, just 
to meet the spring application deadline. 

- others worried that, despite assurances it 
wouldn't, Gannon would become too big and 
no longer appeal to the same type of stu- 

- Structural changes frightened many peo- 
ple. The first structural change mentioned 
was that each division would become a col- 
lege. Liberal arts and health care sciences 
would also become colleges. Many worried 
about the affect of separateness on admis- 
sion and academic policy. 

- Others questioned what would happen to 
a liberal arts program if business, humanities 

and sciences had separate liberal arts cur- 

Through the controversy a new policy 
evolved. Gannon began to rethink university 
status — began to see that in structure and size, 
Gannon already was a university. If it changed 
its name to university it could do so rightfully. 

Application for university status was made 
on this premise. Gannon — as it was — deserved 
to be a university. It didn't need to change to 
rightfully bear the name and it equalled other 
institutions which already did. This premise did 
not exclude the potential for change for the 
college entrusted its long-range planning com- 
mittee with planning areas to improve Gannon. 
The element of planning gave everyone the 
sense that improvements or changes would be 
made in time, and with input. The premise that 
Gannon already was university material appar- 
ently was an accurate one, because when the 
nine-man evaluating team visited Gannon, 
their response was favorable — and they re- 
commended that Gannon College should be 
renamed Gannon University. Perhaps the class 
of '79 will be remembered as an historic one — 
the last to graduate from Gannon College. 

(At this writing date, the State Dept.of Edu- 
cation's decision had not been made.) 

Patti Malik Schultz 


University Festival 

William Shakespeare 


University Festival 

Thomas More 

Gannon's University Festivals were occa- 
sions for members and friends of the Gannon 
community to join in contemplating the life 
and works of a person whose qualities and ac- 
complishements invited our admiration and 

The Shakespeare Festival, Gannon's first 
in the fall, was a celebration of the poetry and 
drama of a man who demonstrated better than 
any other writer the capacity of our English 
language to instill both wonder and under- 

It was the hope of the Festival Committee 
that "whoever attends the Festival does so in 
search of wisdom and happiness, to open the 
windows of the mind, not just to dwell upon a 
myriad of facts, bone up on culture or keep up 
with the Joneses." 

Through the theatre, film, music and dance, 
Shakespeare's art and wit was recreated for 
the enjoyment of all. 

Shakespeare is generally regarded as being 
the greatest dramatist in the English language, 
perhaps the greatest writer in the English lan- 
guage, perhaps the most important spokes- 
man who has yet appeared to represent the 
human race. 

In February, the eminent humanist and 
scholar, St. Thomas More, was honored. As an 
intimate of Erasmus and his circle, More 
moved among the highest levels of the intel- 
lectual leaders of Europe. He is an important 
influence on the shaping of the modern English 
language. In his spiritual life he holds that 
supreme credential of authenticity - his mar- 

He taught us how to live in the worlds of 
intellect and action and how to stand alone 
when confronted by moral choices. 

These two festivals have now become the 
beginning of a new tradition at Gannon - the 
University Festival. 


Campus Life 





The Dorm Raid 

The Cleaning 
Afterwards . . . 


The RA iders 


^s* p 




GROUP SHOT: (Front Row) Ed Gagen (Asst. Head Resident), Bill Colt (2nd. Floor RA.) 
(Second Row) Jim Bumbaugh (3rd. Floor RA). (Third Row) Dennis Donahue, Jim 
Mullen (1st Floor RA's), Dave Jurenovich (Head Resident), Jim Rose (2nd Floor RA). 

GROUP SHOT: (Front Row) Shirley Van Aken (Head Resident), Liz Makar (3rd. East), 
Fr. Robert Susa (Resident Chaplain), (Second Row) Marian Zingaro (3nd. East), Debbi 
Singer (2nd. East), Kathy Lynch (4th East), (Third Row) Gail Sovyak (1st. West), 
Becky Barringer (Asst. Head Resident) (Fourth Row) Margaree Coleman (2nd. West), 
Joyce Brzuz (4th West), Carol Bolstad (1st. East). 



GROUP SHOT: (Front Row) Lisa Pater, Suzy Barone, Pam 
Biras, Diane Markesich, Janice Kendratic, Maida Snyder, 
Ed Guthman, Kathleen Gerbert, Vivian Caspar. (Second 
Row) Annetye Ciotti, Mary- Ropelewski, Sharon Plumb, 
Mary Ann Albaugh, Toni Spevete, Celine Arezina, Wanda 
Price, Kathy Belczyk, Cathy Couney, Mark Carlsson, Chris 
Buckel, Dam Stefanowicz. (Third Row) Chris Harkless, Mike 
Barndt, Dick Decker, Tim Fogarty, Chris Zaremba, Steven 
Bohen, Rusty Vicinie, Jack Simon. 




^ f 








Telethon 6 






* ra % 


Winter c : *K( 
Carnival ta*F y ' 






For All Seasons 


.^^Bfc jJEfr, ''U, v 






fc M lw * ~tf 





Clubs & Organizations 


GROUP SHOT: (Front Row) 
A. M. Leyden, C. Martin, T. 
Allen, P. Bluey, B. White, N. 
Joseph. (Second Row) K. 
Komives, T. Klier, M. Alber- 
stadt, S. Benson, M. Riley, 
D. Hall, J. Ingram, B. Doam, 
J. Gandolfo, B. Murray, T. 
Fulganzo, J. Hodge, C. Bar- 


Alpha Psi Omega 

GROUP SHOT: (Front Row) Lil McEvoy, Anne Marie Leyden. 
(Back Row) Bob Pontis, Bob Murray, Jim Gandolfo, Joanne 

Circle K 

GROUP SHOT: (Front Row) Lil McEvoy, Bob Murray, Jim Gandolfo, Pat Bluey, Anne Marie Leyden. 
i(Back Row) Bob Pontis, Mike Riley, Mike Alberstadt, Joanne Hodge. 


Pep Band 


GROUP SHOT: (Front Row) Judy Jacobus, Lynn, Jeff Miller. (Second Row) Elaine Golbach, Tony 
Fulginzio, Les Edinboro, Donna, Steve Mollica, Dick Jennings, Barry. (Third Row) Dan Blout, Gerrit 
Nordengraf, Mark Repella, Walt, Shirley Aken, Rick Kline. 


Commuter Organization 

Ropelewski, Rosalia Ciminella, Gary Abram. 2. GROUP 
SHOT: (Front Row) Gary Abram. (Second Row) Diane 
Casper, Rosalia Ciminella, Mary Ropelewski, Jay Habas. 
(Third Row) Mary Jo Gloekler, Bernie Ropelewski, Chris 
Zaremba. (Fourth Row) Kathy Belczyk, Diane Kowalik, 
Phil Abram. (Fifth Row) Paula Wieszlzyk, Concetta 
Ciminella, Jim Penna. 


Campus Ministry 

GROUP SHOT: Bob Meinert, Jim Kopetsky, Karen 
Krause, Cathy Cooney, Alfred Leopoll, Kim 
Sisk, Judy Walsh. 


>ki Club 

GROUP SHOT: (Front Row) 
Gene Natale, Theresa 
Power, Jim Thorwart. (Sec- 
ond Row) Kathy Seman, 
Mary Ropelewski, Chris- 
tie Starr. (Third Row) 
Chris Demchak, Diane Cas- 
per, Marc Casson. (Fourth 
Row) Lisa Sanelli, Shelly 
Barzano, Mike Roman. 
(Fifth Row) Lisa Chiz- 
amadia, Larry Barnes, Louis 
Sarain. (Sixth Row) Gary 


Pershing Rifles 

GROUP SHOT: (Front Row) Rich Cline, Martin DeLucia, 
Pete lole. (Back Row) Mike Barndt, Bill Gibson. Pete 

GROUP SHOT: (Front Row) Brad Perine, Bob Novak, Dan 
Chiapiazzi. (Back Row) Ray Dunn, Fred Mattern, Dave 
Bates, Mike Sabo. 


GROUP SHOT: Laura Gostomski 
Joanna Nezovich, Anna Terpko. 



Student Investment Trust 

GROUP SHOT: Rick Pasquale, Gary Fracassi, 
Robert Keim, Theresa Power, Gene Natale, 
Ernest Wright. 

Alpha Kappa Psi 

GROUP SHOT: (Front Row) Doug Klick, Joanne Pytlak, Karen Clauser. (Second Row) Joe 
Fromknecht, Kathy Seman, Bob Meinert, Bill MacKrell, Joe Kowalski. (Third Row) Ann 
Wagner, Warren Heller. (Fourth Row) Kris Holtz, Patty Shufesky, Theresa Power, Bernie 
Ropeleski. (Fifth Row) Theresa Wolski, Bill Ziegman, Jill Carug, Patti Burke, Michele Bern- 
hardt, Greg Peelman. (Sixth Row) Judy Lyewski, J.C. Robinson, Gene Natale, Mary Sue 
Nelson, Jerry Haas. (Seventh Row) Kevin Hertzag, Geri Cechetti, Jack Mehlor, Kathy 
McNultz, Mary Jo Fleming. (Eighth Row) Chris Zielnois, Elanor Chadwick, Mr. Eichelsdorfer, 
Mr. Bressan, Dave Tkach. 


Model UN 

GROUP SHOT: (Front Row) John Wells, Secretary General, 
Steve Lagner. (Second Row) Holly Lander, Diane Adkins, 
Jennifer Koepka, Paul Wonrh, Karen Davis, Jeff Rouch, Dr. 
Reinhard, Kathy Greenholt, Al Wehan. (Third Row) Bob 
Diehl, John Sierota, Bob Marcoline, Dan Kesicki, Jay 
Habas, Tim Gostomski, Ken Anderson, Jeff Miller, Bob 


Political Science 

GROUP SHOT: (Front Row) Philisa 
Stafford, Betsy Kidwell, Diane Adkins, 
June Renton, Jenny Koepka. (Second 
Row) Carrie White, Al Wehan, John 
Wells, Ken Anderson, Jeff Rouch. 
(Third Row) Stanley Sparks, John 
Sierota, Bob Diehl, Jay Habas, Steve 


' I ' I ' 1 ' I ' I 

1 ,1,1, 1 


' \ ' VOTE 





\S5LHP 1 - 


Student Government Association 

GROUP SHOT: (Front) Ellen 
Dagon. (First Row) Amy 
Daugherty, Patti Rizzo, 
Mary Jo Virgili, Tim Ne- 
castro. (Second Row) 
Michele Lange, Betty 
Shaffer, Pat Brady, Richard 
Serafin, Cyndy Hoffmier, 
Elaine Goldbach. (Third 
Row) Joanne Simmons, 
Diane Markesich, Vince 
Olewnik. (Fourth Row) Brad 
Heasley, Barry Cavalancia, 
Don DiPlacido, Les Phillips, 
Mark Becer, Jeff Rouch, 
Kevin Friedrich, Jay Habas, 
Karen Lucot, John Sierrota, 
Brian Glowacki. 


Criminal Justice 

GROUP SHOT: Stan Walkiewicz, 
Loretta Mars, Karen Bukowski, 
Roselle Randazzo, David Brown. 

Anthropology Club 


(Front Row) Bev 
Lewis, Jody Cook, 
Jane Balzaon, Karen 
Shimko, (Second 
Row) Chris Knoll, 
Erich Wollman, T.L. 
Pickett, Spatch Bar- 
rett, Ned Adams, 
Rich Laurie. 


Education Club 

GROUP SHOT: (Front Row) Mary Pat Lampone, 
Vicki Serenta, Vic Kelly. (Second Row) Joyce 
Brzuz, Tim Manning, Sue McDermott, Linda Ster- 

Mental Health Counseling Club 

GROUP SHOT: Sue Roehrl, Toni Young Hultman, Vince Olewnik, Mary Beth Wade, George Dowd, Jim 
Kuvik, Mike Zehner, Kym Antonelli, Joanne Simmons. 



GROUP SHOT: (Front Row) Mark Thompson, Steve Volgstadt, Ken Hart, Bryan Tippett. (Second 
Row) Eric Wollman, Debbie Kerr, Lynn Guagliardi, Jim Bumbaugh, Joyce Brzuz, Yvonne Ciarlo, 
Jean Bernardini, Celia McKevitt, Sharon Lucanik. (Third Row) Jim Rickloff, Sarah Dusenbery! 
Michele Mikolajczak. (Fourth Row) Paula Spiece, Dianne Raglari, Renee Saggio, Mark Baker! 
Frank Rea, Tracy Orr, Tim Armamini, Joe lllig, Dr. Kokoros 

Math Club 

GROUP SHOT: (First Row) 

A. Kline, (Second Row) Mr. 
Rogers, G. Kennedy, K. In- 
gram, S. Volpone, P. Fazen, 

B. Achille, R. Carlotti. (Third 
Row) C. Dickey, D. Dunsmore, 
D. Melvin, J. Jacquel, G. Ols- 
afsky, J. Schultz, (Fourth Row) 
M. Baker, J. McNaughton, J. 
Ferrick, T. Burton, D. Shenk, 
T. Madura, Dr. Kraus, B. Kraus 
P. Olson, K. Breter. 




GROUP SHOT: Tom McKinley, Leo 
Szczessny, Vince Trejchel, Darrell 
Jakubowski, Kevin Cooney, Dr. 

Society Of Mechanical Engineers 


SROUP SHOT: (Front Row) Carl Bech, Dr. Kosar, Paul Maciulewicz, Jayne Hogenmiller, 
Mary Phillips, Kathy Bailey, George Gusaki. (Back Row) Bob Kraus, Eric Roll, Mike Bruni, 
John Graholski, Tom McCarthy, Jim Luddy, Walt Demjanenko. 


Epsilon Rho 

GROUP SHOT: (Front Row) Mike Alber- 
stadt, Lil McEvoy, Cindy Martin, Anne 
Marie Leyden, Bonnie White. (Back Row) 
Bob Pontis, Jim Gandolfo, Bob Murray. 

People Of The World 

GROUP SHOT: (Front Row) 
Barbara Ratcliff, Alice Ford, 
Paulette Young, Rory Carr. 
(Back Row) William Heard, 
Winifred Tallon, Homer 
Smith, Philise Stafford, 
Kevin Wood. 

/ A. 


Omicron Delta Epsilon 

Row) Mr. Wright, Viv Cas- 
par, Natalie Farak, Barb 
Sapper, Carol Green. 
(Back Row) Mario Maruc- 
ci, Richard Scutella, Gary 
Laird, Ken Tromans, 
David Mack, Dale Up- 

Interdormitory Council 

ROUP SHOT: (First Row) Ken Zaken, Sue Kasbee, Becky Barringer, Ed Gagen, 
Anne Bamit, Kim Sisk. (Second Row) Linda Bahorich, Esther Kanfovsh, Sue Arnold, 
v/lary Beth Gannon, Ed Hetrick, Diane Markesich, Bob Laspin. (Third Row) Leslie 
-ombardo, Cathy DiNardo, Joyce Brzuz, Carol Bolstad, Kathy Lynch, Anne Guidos, 
<aren Lucot, Melanie Markel, Johanna Fredrich, Lou Zambelli. 


Julie Waechter 


The Knight 

Teresa Tassotti 

David Schultz 

Mascot: Descartes 







m TLi 


Kathy Fiedler 

Herb Schultz 

Tim Fogarty 


The Lance 

Kym Antonelli - Layout Editor 

Ken Lewis - Business Manager 

Bill Williams 

Iggie Antosz 

Theresa DeMark 

Diane Markesich 

Greg Fischer 


Valerie Wein - Editor 

Denise MacKenzie 

Wanda Price 


Becky Briggs - Photography 

Mike Tronetti 

Julie Tokarske 

Carol Sistek 


Around Campus 




















■■■ ^T*> ■■■■ 


w \ u 



v, '"" 

• ltf««(Ul/A i" •■'■ 

».«,♦.. 'HUM I IK .I'.w.uia.i 

IM, | rilotf'./i-'-V^'- V 

' • ' It* 


1 \Lm « /iv*>t " 

TfltfN FOR THt j 


LFNOT, please : com 

III Tl I /INC •" 1 " „ 

■Mini im »J l/njrf 























^ ^^ 




P lH 

A MB^" 






Interfraternity Council 

GROUP SHOT: (Front Row) Ellen Dagon, Christine 
Starr, Theresa Dowling. (Second Row) Fred Lichten- 
walter, Jim Thompson, LuAnn Washkow, Phil McLaugh- 
lin, Thomas Dill, Jan Barkovich, Mike Podobnik. 

Fraternity Highlights 

Fraternities started the year with much 
opposition to rush rules, but by May new rush 
guidelines, a new service fraternity and a 
new little sisters got fraternities on the right 

Many fraternity representatives were op- 
posed to the Student Living Office's new rush 
rules, which said that fraternities couldn't 
hold open parties; couldn't invite ineligible 
students to the social functions; couldn't hold 
non-rush parties during rush week. 

The fraternities were strongly opposed to 
these rules because they said they had no 
part in forming the rules and that the rules 
were unfair. But, the Student Living Office 
enforced the rules to set examples to the 

Pi Kappa Epsilon was the first fraternity to 
be penalized. They were not allowed to have 
a full pledge class because they broke the 
"open party" ban, which didn't allow frater- 
nities to invite non-fraternity guests, other 
than their dates. 

These rules remained in effect until October 
30, when the "closed party" rules were re- 
vised to allow up to 10 students to attend 
these parties by invitations from the frater- 
nities through the Student Living Office. 

Finally, in December, the Student Affairs 
and Services Committee ruled to make the 
terms "informal party" and "rush party" 
obsolete. Presently, fraternity parties are 
open to brothers, dates, little sisters and up 
to 25 invited guests. 

There are nine social fraternities and nu- 
merous honor fraternities on campus but 
one service fraternity was added to the list. 
Alphs Phi Omega, the nation's largest service 
fraternity, was started in January. 

This male-female organization differs from 

the social fraternities in that its basic pur- 
pose is to serve the community through bene- 
ficial projects. 

One of their first projects was a blood drive 
in April. All donated blood was given to the Erie 
Community Blood Bank. The Sheik Social 
Fraternity also sponsored a blood drive in the 

The Interfraternity Council presented a 
check for $187.19 to the Gertrude Barber 
Center in November. The money was raised 
by all of the Greek fraternities as part of 
their Greek Week activities in October. The 
IFC also awarded trophies for Greek Week 
competition to Alpha Phi Delta, first place 
and Pi Kappa Epsilon and Alpha Gamma Delta 
shared second place. 

Alpha Phi Delta formed a Little Sisters 
organization in the fall joining the other Greek 
Little Sister chapters already on campus. 

Tau Kappa Epsilon had two intramural tro- 
phies stolen in February but they were re- 
turned in April after a search of the men's 
dormitory, the fraternity houses, the bottom 
of Lake Erie, phone calls to Houston, and a 
talk with three fraternity brothers. 

As the crazy story unfolded, it was learned 
that a Pi Kappa Epsilon alumni and two other 
fraternity members were responsible for the 
theft. The alumni, who lived in Houston, re- 
turned the trophies after both fraternities 
met with school officials to find out what had 
happened to the trophies. 

Of course, the year didn't go by without 
Alpha Phi Delta's Annual Spaghetti Dinner 
during Homecoming Week, Tau Kappa Ep- 
silon's Annual Christmas Tree Sale and the 
numerous beer blasts sponsored by the 


Alpha Gamma Delta 

GROUP SHOT: (Front Row) Lynne 
Albreski, Tamie Winiecke, Debra 
Herbol, Christy Starr, Darlene 
Vlahos. (Second Row) Patricia 
Kingman, Gretchen Schlabach, 
Terri Dowling, Beth Paczolt, 
Cyndie Filutze. (Third Row) Sue 
Painter, Sue Wiggins, Joyce Keat- 
ing, Jean Simmons, Karen Teu- 
bert. (Fourth Row) Joan Chadow- 
ski, Lori Reed, Luann Washkow. 



Pi Kappa Alpha 

GROUP SHOT: (Front Row) Rick Noel. (Second Row) Brian McAndrew, Chris Bosner, Kevin Dixon, Paul Car- 
neval, Dennis Hedzierski, John Ganed. (Third Row) Pat Ochalek, Ken Victor, Jerry Ramsdell, Jeff Robinson, 
Chris Yeakle, Al Jezeski, Ed Gantz, Bob Skrypek, Mark Dixon. (Fourth Row) Mike Rodomnik, Bob Murray, 
Todd Main, Bill Weyand. 


Delta Sigma Pi 
Little Sisters 

GROUP SHOT: (Front Row) Karen Dougherty, Val 
Wein. (Second Row) Cyndi Swanson, Kathy Bagnoni, 
Nancy Hammer, Denice McCreary. (Third Row) Pam 
Walker, Kathy Taylor, Renee Krizan. (Fourth Row) 
Ellen Stephenson, Karen Kunsa. 


GROUP SHOT: Cyndie Rothstein, Margie Pendleton, Beth Kelly, Judy Balog, Denice Klier, Liz 
Donnelly, Lisa Chizmadia, Joanna Travers. 


Chi Delphia 

GROUP SHOT: (Front Row) Anna Wozniak, Jessica Barbaro. (Back 
Row) Melanie Price, Chris Porreco, Kathy Valentovich. 

Alpha Delta 
Little Sisters 

GROUP SHOT: (First Row) Carol 
Madden, Pat Wolfe, Marylou Bab- 
nis. (Second Row) Laurie Wojnar, 
Sue McKay, Janice Delfine, Terri 
Ward, Julie Salvucci, Kathy Dam- 
eline. (Third Row) Gigi Cosby. 


Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sisters 

2R0UP SHOT: (Front Row) Patti Kairinski, Carol Sistek, Suzanne Booth, Susan 
Daughterty, Bonnie Slawson, Joet Burroughs. (Second Row) Chuckie Ritchie, 
\va Foust, Beth Watson, Nancy Wallo, Polly Main, Melanie Bricker, Sharon Artehe- 
/ich, Joanne Hodge. 


Delta Chi 

GROUP SHOT: (Front Row) Joe Mazurkiewicz, Buzz Premozic, Gary Brozek, Carl Roth, Jerry 
Rocci, Ed O'Brien, Steve Barnes, Phil McLaughlin, Larry Canton, Tom Hudak, Mark Miller. 
(Second Row) Lim Winzer, Randy Heemer, Jon Miles, Carl Stock, Dan Barkovic, Fred Lichten- 
walter, Harry Yale, Dave Knight, Roger Pelc, Father Speice, Ed Nowacki. 





GROUP SHOT: (Bottom) Doug Pontzer, Doug Skelly, Chris Knoll, Brian Szabo, Chris Kalkhof. 
(Porch) Mike Chestnut, Mark Beveridge, Mike Caruse, Dick McCullough, Ron Stiftinger, Mark 
Catellier, Al Barbati, Tim Kovica, Brian Ceccarelli, Fran Klemensic, Dave Coffey, Greg Santora, 
Doug Starr, Bill Donnelly, Jeff Rostas, Phil Obringer, Jeff Devinney (on shoulders), Mark Catanzaro, 
Keith Larkin (above) Ken Heidkamp. 



Alpha Pi Kappa 

GROUP SHOT: (Front Row) B. Allen, M. Minnaugh, M. Zuarich, 
M. Roman, L. Jurenovich, J. Thompson, D. Stockley. (Back 
Row) G. Harley, B. Colt, J. Larkin, M. Sabol, R. Hollinger, B. 
Kun, D. Jurenovich. 



Delta Sigma Phi 

GROUP SHOT: (Front Row) Steve Santoro, John Mottillo, Al Reynolds, Bill Bernardo, Tim 
Antolik. (Second Row) Iggie Antosz, Tom Dill, Nick Joseph, Tom Braun, Lee Laris. (Third Row) 
Dan Polowski, Denis Cremisio, Jeff Lyons, Kevin MacLee, Geoff Hanna, Perry Franco, Lenny 
Powers. (Fourth Row) Mike Griffin, Bob Gill. 


Sigma Phi Epsilon 

GROUP SHOT: (Front Row) Sam Yothers, Tim Surma. 
(Second Row) Matt Burkhart, Mark Dunn. (Third Row) 
Chip Peters. (Fourth Row) Bill Hyland, Mike Cushman, 
Chris Snyder. (Fifth Row) Kelly Kilmartin, Devin Durand, 
Jim Donovan. (Top Row) Greg Smiley. 


Tau Kappa Epsilon 

GROUP SHOT: (Front Row) Bud Lilly, John Ryan, Jerry Cotter, Larry Weis, Mark Wetzel, Tom 
McCarthy, Tom Guckert, Doc Durishan. (Second Row) Brad Joll, Randy Dalbow, Mark Pietrusin- 
ski, Paul McCarthy, Tom Foster, Hugh Davis, Don Kaminski, Bill Harriger. (Third Row) Tom Sea- 
man, Ken Karg, Jim Gandolfo, Bob Martinchick, Bill Treacy, George Strasbaugh, Russ Hannibal, 
Joe Sunseri, Blaise Oates, Joe Norris, (Not Pictured) Hoss Scacchitti, Jim Lindquist, Bill Ma- 
cecevic, Dan Monahan, Joe Mohoney, Phil Carstensen, Mark Anderson, Mike Chieppor, Joe 
Francis, Paul Lorigan, Bill Hopkins, Franco Melocchi, Greg Dolecki. 




Match Record 

Gannon vsCanisius 381-396 

Gannon vs St. Bonaventure 376-386 

Gannon vs Buffalo 378-392 

Gannon vsCanisius 400-427 

Gannon vs Grove City 397-407 

Gannon vs Geneva 397-412 

Gannon vs St. Vincent 397-418 

Gannon vs Edinboro State 376-400 

Gannon vs Edinboro State 400-389 

Gannon vs St. Bonaventure 396-424 

Front Row (I. to r.): Bob Wagner Second Row (I. to r.): Al Jezewsky.Gary Stewart, Dave 
Bonacchi, Brian Brinker, Chris Drongosky, Mike Capotis, John Welsh Head Coach and 
Athletic Director, Bud Elwell 


Tournament Record 

Elmira Invitational 630 1st of 19 

Youngstown State Invitational 

396 5th of 12 
Pitt Invitational 391 7th of 15 

Tri-State Invitational 376 2nd of 9 

Brooklea Invitational 326 2nd of 19 

Allegheny Invitational 393 5th of 16 

ECAC Upstate Regional 317 1st of 21 

ECAC Championship 634 4th of 12 

Dale Beckler Invitational 

803 8th of 20 
West Liberty Invitational 

430 9th of 12 
Champion Lakes Invitational 

406 6th of 18 
California State Invitational 

394 5th of 16 
Nittany Lion Invitational 

1188 12th of 20 
Indiana Invitational 

484 5th Of 7 



Women's Tennis 

Scores of Matches 

Gannon vs. Mercyhurst 2-5 

Gannon vs Villa Maria 6-1 

Gannon vs Westminster 5-2 

Gannon vs Clarion 2-5 

Gannon vs Fredonia 3-4 

Gannon vs Villa Maria 5-2 

Gannon vs Mercyhurst 0-7 

Gannon vs Behrend 5-2 

Gannon vs Malone 0-7 

Gannon vs John Carroll 1-8 

Gannon vs Kent State 7-0 

Gannon vs Robert Morris 2-7 

Front Row (I. to r.): Chris Freda, Ann Wagner, Tammy Duke, Kristen Katchka, Joyce 
Bogusky. Second Row (I. to r.): Barry Sterm.Viv Caspar, Cindy Tuberson, Mary Jo Virgili, 
Lil McEvoy, Jeanne Scheffner (Coach). 




Men's Tennis 


- * 



Scores of Matches 

Gannon vs Buffalo State 


Gannon vsCanisius 


Gannon vs Niagara 


Gannon vs Edinboro 


Gannon vs Fredonia 


Gannon vs St. Bonaventure 


Gannon vs. Mercyhurst 


Gannon vs Youngstown State 


Gannon vs Cleveland State 


Gannon vs Behrend 


Gannon vs Slippery Rock 


Gannon vs Mercyhurst 


Gannon vs Grove City 


Gannon vs Fredonia 


Gannon vs Edinboro 


Front Row (I. to r.) Dan Cantanzaro, Hugh Davis, Joe DiLoreto, Jim Detisch, Tom 
Zawistowski (Coach). Second Row (I. to r.): Joe Herbert, Mike Nasca, Clarence 
Town, Dennis Robb, Joe Norris. 



Scores of Games 

Gannon vs Grove City 


Gannon vs Cuyahoga 


Gannon vs Lakeland 


Gannon vs St. Bonaventure 


Gannon vs St. John Fisher 


Gannon vs Jamestown 


Gannon vs Mercyhurst 


Gannon vs Univ. of Buffalo 


Gannon vsThiel 


Gannon vs Houghton 


Gannon vs Allegheny 


Gannon vs Jamestown 


Gannon vs Mercyhurst 


Gannon vs Behrend 


Gannon vs Ashtabula 


Gannon vs Fredonia 


Gannon vs Behrend 


Gannon vs Westminster 


Gannon vs Villa Maria 


Gannon vs Lorain 


Gannon vs Ashtabula 


Gannon vs Clarion 



Front Row (I. to r.): Donna Shotwell, Denise Blue, Anne Moosman Second Row (I. to r.): 
Cheryl Baldwin, Barbie Lanzel, Kathy Cappello, Carrie Fetzer Third Row (I. to r.): Laurie Woj- 
nar, Kathy Kellackey, Chris Demchak, Margie Koller, Marianne Smathers, Captain Donna 



Front Row (I. to r.): Jeff Buetikofer, Fran Klemensic, Pat Henderson, Mike Roman, Nick Sala, Russ 
Johnston, Nick Pashos, Pasquale Fioretti, Dave Gittleman, Jim Clark Second Row (I. to r.): John 
Yang, Al Bluemle, Jessie Stainbrook, John Stehr, Ken Pugar, Matt Coppola, Mike Demuere, Mike 
Schwartz, Eugene Bambauer, Mike Griffin, Rich Hollinger Missing from Picture: Mac Ngwese, Kazem 


1978 Game Scores 

■ «4 jr^ 

Gannon vs Alliance 


Gannon vs St. Vincent 


Gannon vs Fredonia State 


Gannon vs Edinboro State 


Gannon vs Behrend 


Gannon vs Grove City 


Gannon vs University of Pitt 


Gannon vs Buffalo State 


Gannon vs St. Bonaventure 


Gannon vs Mercyhurst 


Gannon vs Carnegie Mellon 


Gannon vs Washington-Jefferson 


Gannon vs John Carroll 


Gannon vs Slippery Rock 


Gannon vs Indiana 


Gannon vs Niagara Univ. 



I "-'-" 


Team Statistics 









Goal Saves 








Left to Right: Donna Leysath, Kathy Cappello, Charlene Oaks, Philise Stafford, Jane Klein, 
Jackie Piazza, Linda Ramsden, Angela Robinson. 


Men's Basketball 

Front Row (I. to r.): Dan Achille, Roger Moore, Second Row (I. to r.): Vic Butler Assistant Coach, 
Tom Barringer Assistant Coach, Maurice Hairston, George Cheatom, Kevin Elwell, Mike Hooks, 
Jim Hobbie, Dan Adamson, Joe Lunger Manager, Dick Fox Head Coach. Third Row (I. to r.): 
Bill Butler, Derrick Ferguson, Jim Mitchell, Jim Bolden, Wesley Alexander. 

Game Scores 






Buffalo State 



MD-Eastern Shore 



Fredonia State 



St. John Fisher 












Morgan State 



New York Tech 



King's College 



Philadelphia Textile 



Brockport State 






Cheyney State 



Youngstown State 









Slippery Rock 










Edinboro State 



Univ. of Buffalo 






Buffalo State 



Youngstown State 



Edinboro State 







If t 

Women's Basketball 


Left side (back to front): Kathy Hummer, Del Braithwaite, Margie Koller, Peggy 
Sheridan, Rona Nesbit, Connie Maruca, Cindy Adams. Right Side (back to front): 
Robbin Walker, Geri Grotkowski, Mary Lou Babnis, Nooch Colucci, Karen Beards- 
ley, Kathy Prest. Co-Captains - Rona Nesbit, Nooch Colucci. 


Scores for 



Gannon vs Jamestown CC 


Gannon vs Shamrocks 


Gannon vs Edinboro 

60-92 (L) 

Gannon vs John Carroll 


Gannon vs St. John Fisher 

59-80 (L) 

Gannon vs Behrend 


Gannon vs University of Buffalo 


Gannon vs Behrend 


Gannon vs Youngstown 

65-71 (L-OT) 

Gannon vs Mercyhurst 


Gannon vs Fredonia 


Gannon vs Shenango 

61-70 (L) 

Gannon vs Westminster 


Gannon vs Akron 




vs Allegheny 
vs Grove City 
vs Mercyhurst 
vs Villa Maria 
vs Buffalo State 
vs Niagara 
vs Clarion State 
vs Cleveland 
vs Jamestown 

59-70 (L) 
61-91 (L) 
40-67 (L) 



Front Row (I. to r.): Ken Zaken, Rob Gaynor, Gorden Buckley, Chris Winter, Chip Swan, Lar 
Collins, Al Wehan Second Row (I. to r.): Coach Fred Lane, Bill Southard, Tom Braun, Da 
Jerge, Bob Bosilovic, Terry Marynchak, John Chisolm, Jeff Buetikofer, Mike Demeure, Do 





Fall Game Scores 

Gannon vs Canisius 


Gannon vs Canisius 


Gannon vs Fredonia 


Gannon vs Fredonia 


Gannon vs Mercyhurst 


Gannon vs Mercyhurst 


Gannon vs St. Bonaventure 


Gannon vs St. Bonaventure 


Gannon vs Geneseo State 


Gannon vs Geneseo State 


Gannon vs Houghton 


Gannon vs Houghton 


-'•—•.-» •*• ■ 

Spring Game Scores 

Gannon vs Pitt-Johnstown 


Gannon vs Pitt-Johnstown 


Gannon vsThiel 


Gannon vsThiel 


Gannon vs Behrend 


Gannon vs Behrend 


Gannon vs Slippery Rock 


Gannon vs Slippery Rock 


Gannon vs Geneva 


Gannon vs Geneva 


Gannon vs Fredonia 


Gannon vs Fredonia 




Women's Softball 

Game Scores 

Gannon vs Mercyhurst 


Gannon vs Behrend 


Gannon vs Edinboro 


Gannon vs Kent State 


Gannon vs Edinboro 


Gannon vs Mercyhurst 


Gannon vs Allegheny 


Gannon vs Villa Maria 


Front Row (I. to r): Bridget Whalen, Geri Grotkowski, Kathy Hummer, Kathy Kel- 
lackey, Michele Domowicz Second Row (I. to r.): Coach Karen Morris, Linda 
Williams, Cheryl Baldwin, Kathy Prest, Vicki Serenta, Cindy Adams. 




Cross Country- 
champs- TKE 

individual champ- John Carrig 
Brothers and Others 

Touch Football- 
champs- Sigs (A league) 
league champs: 

A- Sigs 

B- Rhino's Raiders 

C-M- Sheik & F.B.'s 

C-G- PR's 

D- Pikes and F.B.'s 

Fall Bowling- 
champs- Pikes 
league champs: 


B- Sheiks 

C-M- Pikes 


D- Delta Chi 


Fall Golf Doubles- 
champs- Pikes 

Putt-Putt Doubles- 
champs- TKE 
medalist- Achille TKB 

champs- TKE 

individual champ- R. Schaw- 

Swim Meet- 
champs - Wehrle 
individual champs: 
40 yard butterfly- Snyder- Sig Ep 
60 yard backstroke- Nooregraaf-Wehrle 
160 yard medley relay- Commuter 
40 yard breast stroke- Nasca- Commuter 
40 yard freestyle- Grossman- Wehrle 
100 yard freestyle- Grossman- Wehrle 
160 yard relay- Commuter & TKE 
160 individual medley- Rowane- Commuter 
400 yard freestyle- Rowane- Commuter 

Football Field Meet- 
champs- Pikes 
individual champ- Brian McAndrew- Pike 


champs- Iran 
league champs: 

A- Iran 


C-M- Wehrle 

C-G- Sheik 

Table Tennis Singles- 
champs- Wehrle 
individual champ- Tom Burik 

Table Tennis Doubles- 
champs- Sigs 
individual champs- Burik & Soltys 

Tennis Singles- 
champ- Wehrle 
individual champ- Haney 

Tennis Doubles- 
champs- Sigs 
individual champs- Elliot & Haney 






/ / 





1 ~n 




Volleyball- Men- 
champs- Iran 
league champs: 


B-M- Sigs 


C-M- Pikes 

C-G- Wehrle 

C-C- TKE & Sheiks 

D- Sigs & Sheiks & TKE 

Volleyball- Women- 
champs- McW's 
league champs: 


West- PDQ & 1st East 

North- P. A. Inc. 

South- 2x4 & Jolley Volleys 




champs- Sigs 
women champs- McW's 
league champs: 

A- Brothers and Others 

B- Sigs & Nonfrats 

C-M- CO 

C-G- FB 


D-M- Sigs 

D-G- Sigs 

W-M- McW's 

D-G- Pikes 


champs- TKE 
individual champs: 
126- Liebenstein- PR 
134- Roth- PR 
142- Pasquale- Ind. 
150- Micsky- Inc. 
158- Chenard- FB 
167- Kuntz- Wehrle 
177- Joll- TKE 
190- Monticillo- FB 
HWT- Guckert- TKE 

Weight Lifting- 
champs- TK 
individual champs: 
132- T. Majczyk- TKB 
148- B. Morgan- Pike 
165- T. Seman- TKE 
180- L. Collins- Ind. 
198- P. Lorigan- TKE 
HWT- D. Cremisio- Sig 


champs- Sigs 
individual champ- Bill Treacy- TKE 

Free Throws- 
champs- Wehrle 
individual champ- C. Downing- Torpedo 

champs- Sigs A 
league champs: 

A- Sigs 

B- Sheiks 

C- Sheiks 

Spring Bowling- 
champs- Sigs B-6 
league champs: 



B-G- Sigs 

C-M- Sigs 

C-G- Sheiks 

D- Pikes & AKY 


Track and Field- 
champs- TKE 
individual champs: 

long jump- Trezona- Pike 

shot put- Bensur- PR 

220 yd. dash- Wetzel- TKE 

mile run- Grise- Ind. 

100 yd. dash- Wetzel- TKE 

440 yd. dash- Gandolfe- TKE 

880 relay- Pikes (Lyth, Suchko, 
McAndrew, Trezona) 

880 run- McAndrew- Pike 

mile relay- APD's (Schwartz, Marzula, 
Cashell, Laspin) 

Intramural athlete of the year Bill Bernardo 

Delta Sigma Phi 
Intramural manager of the year- Bill Southard 

Delta Sigma Phi 
Intramural official of the year- Mike Griffin 

Delta Sigma Phi 

All College Champions of the year- Tau Kappa Epsilon 







Nancy L. Combs 
B.S., Finance 


R. Custer 


, Marketing 


1 V 


Andrew C. Becker 
B.S., Marketing 

James A. Budney 
B.S., Business 

Vivian A. Caspar 
B.S., Economics 

Karen M. Clauser 
B.S., Management 

Natalie A. Farak 
B.S., Accounting 

Kimberly Ficco 
B.S., Marketing 

Cyndie J. Filutze 
B.S., Accounting 

Gary A. Fracassi 
B.S., Accounting 

Robert L. Freeman 
B.S., Accounting 

Joseph R. Fromknecht 
B.S., Marketing 


Ann M. Genck 
B.S., Accounting 

Mark V. Glynn 
B.S., Economics 

Edward J. Guthman 
B.S., Management 

Brian J. Kazin 
B.S., Management 

Patricia A. Kingman 
B.S., Management 

Frank W. Kwitowski 
B.S., Management 

Jeffrey J. Maries 
B.S., Accounting 

George F. Klapthor 
B.S., Accounting 

Joseph M. Kowalski 
B.S., Accounting 

James B. Kraus 

B.S., Management 

William J. Mackrell 
B.S., Accounting 

Business is like riding a bicycle. Either you 
keep moving or you fall down. 

John David Wright 

Robert L. Meinert 
B.S., Management 


Daniel C. Miller 
B.S., Accounting 

Charles Onvoha 
B.S., Accounting/ 

Joseph J. Miller 
B.S., Accounting 

John M. Nally 
B.S., Management 

Jeffrey J. Orlando 
B.S., Management 

Timothy P. Pastore 
B.S., Management 

Kimberly G. Paterniti 
B.S., Marketing 

Jerome P. Peterson 
B.S., Management 

Robert P. Pfister 
B.S., Management 

William C. Pietrzak 
B.S., Marketing 



Joanne Pytlak 
B.S., Management 

Mary C. Ropelewski 
B.S., Management 


Barbara Sapper 
B.S., Economics 

Matthew P. Smith 
B.S., Management 

Deborah J. Stanovich 
B.S., Marketing 

Kathleen L. Seman 
B.S., Marketing 

Anna M. Spadacene 
B.S., Accounting 

Barbara J. Spadacene 
B.S., Management 

Albert E. Suhari 
B.S., Accounting 

Theresa A. Teed 
B.S., Business Education 

Kevin P. Toale 
B.S., Management 

Dale E. Uplinger 

B.S., Accounting 

John P. Warus 
B.S., Management 

Karen M. Teubert 
B.S., Accounting 

Scott B. Yochim 
B.S., Management 



Linda L. Becker 
B.A., Foreign Language 


Linda J. Blank 
B.A.. English, 

Kathryn M. Beill 
B.A., Criminal Justice 

Beth A. Allshouse 
B.S., Special Education 

Kimberly S. Antonelli 

B.S.. Mental Health 

Kevin L. Attenberger 
B.A., Criminal Justice 

Charles Atterbury 
B.A., Criminal Justice 

Cheryl A. Bender 
B.S., Special Education 

Kevin L. Best 
B.A., History 

Patricia A. Brady 
B.A., Social Work 

David J. Brown 
B.A. ? Criminal Justice 

Christianne M. Buckel 
B.S.. Mental Health 


Karen M. Bukowski 

B.A., Criminal Justice/ 
Lawyer's Assist. 

Paul E. Cherry 
B.A., Political Science 

Karen L. Curtis 
B.A., Foreign Language 

Pamela M. Carney 
B.A. Social Work 

Carolyn L. Cicero 
B.S., Mental Health 

Christine M. Dabkowski 
B.A., Psychology 

Debby R. Cheney 
B.S., Mental Health 

Margaree Coleman 
B.A., Criminal Justice 

Barbara J. Costa 
B.A., Criminal Justice 

The great religions have spoken ill of original 
human nature; but they have never dispaired 
of its possibilities. 

-William Ernest Hocking 

Todd M. Davis 

B.A., Philosophy 

Ricky L. DeCarolis 
B.A., Political Science 


Mary Jo Flowers 
B.A., Social Work 

Duncan M. Gildersleeve 
B.A., History 

Diane E. Dehnart 
B.A., Social Work 

Diane M. Drennan 

B.A., Criminal Justice 

Anthony A. Guyda 
B.A., English 

Therese A. Dowling 
B.A., Arts/Humanities 

Audrey Elwell 
B.S., Mental Health 

Cynthia Jares 

B.S., Elementary, Special 


Pearl M. Jeffries 

Jacqueline A. Keister 

Elizabeth R. Kennedy 

Gregory A. Kokosko 

B.A., Criminal Justice 

B.A., Arts/Humanities 

B.S., Mental Health 

B.S.. Mental Health 




Carol J. Kramer 
B.A., Art 

James R. Larkin, Jr. 
Communication Arts 

Loretta Maras 
B.A., Criminal Justice 

Janet A. O'Donnell 
B.S. Mental Health 

Barry P. Kruise 

B.A., Social Science 

Cynthia Mack 
Communication Arts 


William C. Miller 
B.A., Philosophy 

Vincent R. Olewnik 
B.A., Psychology 

James D. Kuvik 
B.A., Psychology 

Stephen J. Lagner 
B.A., Political Science 

Patricia Malik 

B.A., Communications, 


Angela Mannarelli 
B.S., Elementary Education 

Gary J. Mocarski 
B.A., Arts/Humanities 

Nancy L. Murray 
B.A., Criminal Justice 

Rosanna M. O'Neil 
B.A., French 

Arlene L. Piskor 
B.A., Communications, 


Judy A. Pulinsky 
B.A., Foreign Language 

Michael Riley 

B.A., Theater, Comm. Arts 

John R. Ryan 

B.A., Communications/ 

^•'■'■•^•'■'■'^x^-'yy/- ^^fc : 

Karen J. Sawicki 
B.S., Special Education 

Gretchen M. Schlabach 
B.A., Foreign Language 

Mark J. Shaughnessy 
B.A., Communication Arts 

Joanne M. Simmons 
B.A., Psychology 

Barbara J. Smith 

B.A., Communication Arts 

Mary Spaeder 
Lawyer's Assistant 

Christine M. Starr 
B.S., Elementary Education 

William E. Sutherland 
B.S., Arts/Humanities 

Winifred J. Tallon 
B.A., Criminal Justice 


Michael C. Tann 
B.A., Political Science 

James A. Verrecchia 
B.A., Arts/Humanities 

Susan L. Welch 
B.S., Mental Health 





Theresa M. Tassotti 
Communications, English 

Carolyn Travers 

B.S., Elementary Ed., Gen. 


Kathleen A. Treahy 
B.A., Social Work 

Mary Jo Virgili 

B.A., Political Science 

Ann J. Uhrmacher 
B.A., Communication Arts 

Mary Beth Wade 
B.A., Psychology 

Sandra J. Warda 

B.A., Criminal Justice 

Paula M. Wieszczyk 
B.A., Social Work 

Yvonne E. Yelensky 
B.A., Criminal Justice 



Robert J. Achille 
B.S., Mathematics 

David G. Auer 

B.S., Physician Assistant 

Jean Bernardini 
B.S., Biology 

John C. Bliley 

B.S., Mechanical 

Joyce M. Brzuz 
B.S., Biology 

Ruth A. Campbel 
Radiologic Tech. 

Michael D. Adams 
B.S., Biology 

Suzanne Barone 
B.S.. Chemistry 

Joet A. Burroughs 
B.S., Nursing 

Lesley L. Carr 

B.S., Physician Assistant 

Yvonne M. Ciarlo 
B.S., Biology 

Sherry G. Crane 
Radiologic Tech. 


John M. Davies 
B.S., Biology 

Charles E. Dickinson 
B.S., Biology 

Daniel W. Dubowski 
B.S., Biology 

Cynthia D. Davis 
B.S., Physicians Assist. 

John M. Diplacido 
B.S., Electrical Engr. 

Suzanne Early 

B.S., Physician's Assist. 

Richard J. Davis 
Radiogical Tech. 

Francis P. Dowling 
B.S., Earth Science 

What is the true end and aim of science but the 
discovery of the ultimate power — a seeking 
after God through the study of his ways. 

-W.H. Furers 

Rebecca J. Edwards 
B.S., Biology 

Pasquale Fioretti 
B.S., Biology 


Christine A. Frey 
B.S., Biology 

Keith D. Gourley 
B.S., Chemistry 

Kenneth G. Hart 
B.S., Biology 

John B. Jacquel, V 
B.S., Physics 

Lu Ann Garino 
Radiologic Tech. 

Timothy N. Grode 
B.S., Physician's Assist. 

Ronald W. Helminski 
B.S., Biology 

James R. Kalivoda 
B.S., Biology 

Jeffrey A. Giese 
B.S., Biology 

Debra R. Gross 
Radiologic Tech. 

David K. Gittelman 
B.S., Biology 

David A. Hardic 
B.S., Biology 



W^Sr /^ 

I ^ 

Alan E. Kline 
B.S., Mathematics 

Drew H. Kramer 
B.S., Industrial Mgt. 

David A. Kell 
B.S., Chemistry 

Blair King 

B S., Physician's Assist. 

Suzanne M. Kruse 
B.S., Physician's Assist. 

Lisa G. Kenney 

Radiologic Tech. 

Donald R. Kiser 
B.S., Biology 

/ P^^^^ 

Ajith K. Kumar 

M.S., Engineering 

Mary K. Luber 
B.S. Biology 

James E. Machek 
B.S., Engineering Tech. 

Frederic L. Mattern 
B.S., Electrical Engr. 

Thomas V. McCarthy 



Michelle Mikolajczak 
B.S., Biology, Chemistry 

Richard Moran 
B.S., Pre-Medical 

Rowland K. Navarro 
B.S., Biology 

Mary Kay Ondich 
B.S., Physician's Assistant 

Noelia W. McCullum 
Medical Assist. 

Cecelia A. McKevitt 
B.S., Biology 

George J. Mendel 
B.S., Biology 

Albert C. Middleton 
B.S., Electrical Engr. Tech. 



Donald P. Murch 
B.S., Physician's Assist. 

LeDu Quoc Nguyen 

Medical Assist. 

Douglas C. Ostrowski 
B.S., Biology 

Valerie OToole 
B.S., Nursing 


Elizabeth A. 



, Biology 



Sharla Piett 
B.S., Nursing 

Michael P. Roache 
B.S., Physician's Assist. 

Steven R. Per 

B.S., Biology/Chemistry 

Pasquale Pontoriero 
B.S., Earth Science 

Kenneth J. Ricci 
B.S., Biology 

Bradley D. Perine 

Richard E. Peterson 
B.S., Chemistry 

Ronald K. Pollock 
B.S., Chenistry 

Patricia A. Port 
B.S., Physician's Assist. 

James R. Rickolff 
B.S., Biology 

Evelyn J. Rupert 
Assoc, Medical Assist. 


Susan A. Siverling 
Radiologic Tech. 

Michael A. Sabol 

Deborah A. Shaw 
Radiologic Tech. 

Paula A. Speice 
B.S., Biology 

Kathleen M. Salak 
Assoc, Radiologic Tech. 

Debora S. Shenk 
B.S., Physics 

Wendy S. Schlecht 
B.S., Nursing 

Nancy J. Simmons 
B.S., Physician's Assist. 

Marsha K. Steinhauser 
Medical Assist. 

Leslie J. Tano 
Radiologic Tech. 


Bryan Keith Tippett 
B.S., Biology 

Rosalie M. Vaccaro 
Certificate- Medical 

Gregory A. Undercoffer 
B.S., Biology 

Joseph M. Weithman 


Lynn M. Woodworth 
Assoc. Rad. Tech. 

Marcella Wroblewski 
Assoc. Rad. Tech. 

Jura Zadoorian 
B. of E.E. 

Edison J. Zambrano 

B.S., ME. 

Christopher Zaremba 
B.S., Mathematics 

Ramin Zarnegar 
B.S., Industrial Mgt. 


Senior Week 

In the beginning . . . 


Wine and Cheese Party 


we had our trials, 



we had our trying times; 





looking back on our experiences, 


remembering our losses and achievements 



and then we come to realize 


we have learned and 


we have grown. 





Rev Msgr Wilfrid J. Nash 

Bishop Alfred M. Watson 
Chairman, Board of Trustees 


Dr. Joseph P. Scottino 


Rev. Lawrence T. Speice 
Vice-President for External Affairs 

Richard J. Dunford 

Vice-President for Student Personnel Services 



Dr. Paul Ward Peterson 
Vice-President for Academic Affairs 


J Kevin Quinn 

Vice-President for Business Affairs 


Dr. Halit Kosar, Dean of Science and Engineering 

William N. Latimer, Dean of Business 

Dr. Martin F. Larrey. Dean of Humanities 


fj N > 

Rev. Dr. Charles Drexler. Director of Liberal Studies 

Stanley Zagorski, Associate Dean of Science and Engineering 

David R. Frew, Director of MB A 

Howard J Elwell, Director of Athletics 


Mary Ann Frew, Director of Medical Assistant and Medical Secretary 

Dr. John S. Rouch, Director of Graduate Programs 

Dr Carl B. Lechner, Jr.. Director of Physician's 
Assistant Program 

Thomas Klobchar, Clinical Coordinator, 
Physician's Assistant Program 

Francis X. Krahe. Director of the ROTC Program 


Ward McCracken, Registrar 

Bernard W. Groff, Director of Public Relations 

Mario Bagnom. Chief. Campus Security 

Richard E. Sukitsch. Director of Admissions 

' Rev George E Strohmeyer, Director of Fresh- 
man Services 



Rosalie J. McBride. Director of Personnel 

Frederick D. Thompson, Director of Educational Opportunity 

Ernest S. Ellis. Director of Physical Plant 

Sr Christian Koontz. Director of Tutorial Services 

Robert C. Wilson Director of Development 


Joseph W McLaughlin. Director of Guidance and 

Marianne T. Bock, Assistant Director of Guidance and Placement 

Caliope Richmond. Psychometrist 

Rev Richard Sullivan, Coordinator of Campus Ministry 


Dr. Richard L. Herbstritt. Director of Career Development 

Paula DeSlatte, Assistant Director of Career Development 


Raymond F. Cicero, Director of Evening and Summer 

Philip H. Kelly. Director of Open University Programs 

Rev. Dr. Robert J. Levis. Director of the Pontifical Center 


Mary Pat Carney, Assistant Director of Financial Aid 

Lou Agnese. Director of Student Living 

James A. Treiber. Director of Financial Aid, Coordi- 
nator of Veteran's Affairs 

Ellen Dagen. Assistant Director of Student Living 


• Wtijgjf 


>< ' H* ^ 

t 1 



L j 



Robert C. Hammer. Director of Operations 

Rev Dennis Mann. External Affairs 





Dennis C. Steele. Controller 

Michael B. Mailahn. Payroll Accountant 


[Dr. George B Crittenden. Director of the Health 

Rev Casimir J. Lubiak. Director Nash Learn- 
ing Resource Center 

Rev. David A. Rubmo. Assistant Director of 
Learning Resource Center 





Kathryn Smith. Bookstore 

Shirley Kiehlmeier. Nurse. Health Center 

Patricia Schlosser. R.N.. Nurse. Health 


George M. Varrato. Admissions 

Dennis McClary. Admissions and Family Medicine 

Claire Hresko. Admissions 

Leslie Kuchta. Admissions 

Gary Froehlich. Admissions 


Gary Smith. Commonwealth. Academic Achieve- 
ment Program Counselor 

Barbara Sims. Counselor Upward Bound 


Bonita Booker, Assistant Director of 
E.O.P. and C.A.A.P. 

Homer L Smith, Jr., Commonwealth, Academic Achievement Program 


Thomas Zawistowski, Director of Sports Information 

Richard Wrobel. Intramural Director and Head Soccer Coach 

Karen Morris, Women's Athletics 

Richard A. Fox. Head Basketball Coach 



Joseph L. Bressan 


Dr. Geoffrey Greer 


John W. Alberstadt 

Frank N. Scalise 

David R. Eichelsdorfer 
Management & Marketing, Chairman 

Mary Barrett 

Atty. Lee Fuller 

Atty. James G. Hanes 

James M. Maskulka 

Louise Sellaro 



Gary P. Mahan 


Ernest C. Wright 

John E. Wroblewski 

Dr. Adelrahmah T. Aburachis 

Dr. Paul Tatsch 

Finance & Economics, Chairman 

Charles A. Bennett 

Dr. John P. Susko 

Andreas N. Zafiropoulos 

John T. Wellington 



M. Jude Kirkpatrick 

Sociology & Anthropology, Director 

Emil Anton 

Dr. Robert A. Wehrer 
Education, Chairman 

Paul K. Adams 

Dr. Walter S. Minot 

Dr. Charles R. Smith 


Rev. Dr. Paul J. DeSante 

English, Chairman 

Dr. John J. Duda 


Dr. Robert L. Vales 


Suzanne Free 

Michael S. Tkach 

Mary Weckesser 


Sally Le Van 

Margaret Tenpas 


Dr. Dennis K. Renner 

Dr. Dolores Sarafinski 


Edward B. Babowicz 

John Kupetz 

Gerald P. Walsh 

Dr. Thomas L. Szendry 


Dr. Attilio Cicozzi 
Art History 

Dr Matti Moosa 

Lydle F. Brinkle 
Geography, Director 

Margaret LaFaro 

Maureen Hourigan 

Rev. Dr. Gerald G. Steckler 

Dr. Frank F. Angotti 

Rev. Dr. Howard V. Niebling 
Art History, Director 


Rev. Dr. Robert Fin 

Dr. Berta Weber 

Dr. Eron DeLeon Soto 

James D. Pendry Sp5 
Military Science 

William J. Carney 

Miguel A. Sague 

Major Michael A. Konopka 
Military Science 

Major Warren T. Huckabay 
Military Science 


Major Francis A. Santangelo 
Military Science 

SGM James White Jr. 
Military Science 

Rev. Dr. Gilio Dipre 

Paul Dolinsky 

Robert J. Nelson 

Mental Health 

Dr. Geraldine L. Orton 
Mental Health 

Sr. M. Dominic Twohill 

Major James E. Kiley Jr. 

Military Science 

Dr. Charles T. Lundy 
Guidance and counseling 

Dr. Janet Klempay 


Dr. Joseph R. LaFaro 


Dr. Anthony Upton 

Dr. Paul S. Kim 

Political Science 

Dr. Gregor M. Reinhard 
Political Science, Chairman 

Michael Acri 

Dr. John J. Fleming 
Psychology, Chairman 

Rev. Dr. Stephen J. Minkiel 
Philosophy, Chairman 

Dr. Kenneth R. Gamble 

Dr. Robert H. Allshouse 


William Murphy 

Thomas Seiverling 
Criminal Justice 

Walter Veerasingham 
Criminal Justice 

John Alessio 

Dr. Anthony V. Rao 
Social Work 

Charles M. Murphy 
Social Work 

Dr. Thomas S. Ostrowski 
Political Science 

Ann B. Moffatt 

Dr. Konstantin 

Sociology 201 

Rev. Casimis J. Wozniak 

Rev. Gerald Orbanek 
Theology, Chairman 



Barry J. Mitchell 

Rev. Phan Mai 

Robert J. Falkewitz 

Rev. Dr. John Schanz 

Anthony J. Miceli 
Comm. Arts 

Rev. Thomas McSweeney 
Theatre, Comm. Arts, Chairman 

Dr. Dennis Henneman 



Rev. Dr. Austin OToole 
Biology, Chairman 

Dr. James J. Kokoros 


Dr. Kenneth W. Anderson 

Dr. James J. McGivern 

Dr. Richard A. Gammon 

Rev. Dr. Joseph Gregorek 


Dr. Elmer F. Kohlmiller 


Marguerite Weible 

Secretarial Science 

Dr. George P. Hesch 


Rev. Addison Yehl 
Chemistry, Chairman 

Dr. Michael Bucholtz 


Dr. Carl Hultman 
Jodi Figurski, Family Physician Program 

Peter Barnhart 

Jerry A. Selvaggi 

Dr. Francis A.Pelzar 


Dr. William A. Hornfeck 
Electrical Engineering, Dir. 

Dr. Wieslaw Kosc 
Mechanical Engineering 

Dr. Chi Hsiao Loh 
Mechanical Engineering 


Frank W. Groszkiewicz 

Dr. Pangasamy Gnanasekaran 

Dr. Mehmet Cultu 

Dr. Warren C. Kennedy 
Mechanical Engineering 


Nick R. DeLaura 

Dr. Maheish Aggarwal 


John P. Gilewicz 
Earth Science 

Rev. James McCullough 

Edward E. Rogers 

Rev. Richard Powers 

James J. Freeman 

Math, Chairman 


Dr. Carl Menzenberger 

Dr. Gerald A. Kraus 

Dr. Frank Sala 

Joanne Maxwel 

Paul A. Weidle 


Dr. Thadeusz Czyzewski 

Arthur H. Cook 
Industrial Management 







Dr. Joseph A. Leu 

James A. Hopper 

John Plavcan 


Dr. Paul B. Griesacker 

John Zalas 


Michael W. Ferralli 

In Memoriam 

Thomas C. Miller III 
The closing days of 1978 brought to the Gannon 
community an occasion of deep sorrow. December 16 
marked the passing of Thomas C. Miller III, assistant 
professor of electrical engineering. In spite of the 
prolonged illness which finally took his life, Professor 
Miller was an unfailing source of good humor and af- 
fection to his colleagues and students. His many 
friends at the College will long remember the stan- 
dards set by Tom for courage and dedication. He does 
great credit to our calling. 

-Dr. Paul Peterson 

Reverend Dr. John Prah 
Father John Prah, Carmelite, priest, teacher, monk, 
died of a massive heart attack in Washington D.C. While 
he was with us the radiance of his personality illumined 
many minds and warmed many a soul. Here was a man 
who was genuinely sincere, and compassionate to his 
fellow man. His concern for his students was most 
evident in the manner in which he prepared his classes 
and delivered his lectures. His unselfish giving was 
evident in his relationship to other faculty members 
and the various workers at Gannon College. His work- 
shop repaired many a fly rod, built many a bookcase, 
lent an innumerable number of prized tools to those 
in need of his help. Here was a gentle man and a truly 
human individual. Here was a devoted son of the 
Church and a son of Mary whose praises never ceased 
to extol. Here was a man who loved his books, who 
loved his fellow human beings, who loved to live, and 
above all who loved God. May he rest in eternal peace. 
Remember him, you his students and colleagues, in 
your prayers and sacrifices. 

-Father Stephen Minkiel, CM. 



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Editor's Last Words 

The 1979 Lance is meant to remind you of the year just past, of 
the times at Gannon College and what it has meant to you. 

Putting this book together has been an unbelievable experience. 
I hope I don't put myself through this drill again in the near future. 
Looking back on this editorship I think I found it took more patience 
than I had, and all the spare time I thought I would have. It hasn't 
been all bad; but, naturally there have been those trying times and 
the late nights at the typewriter. I hope the next editor of The Lance 
is "calm, cool, and collected," because that is what this position de- 
mands. Of course a little organization wouldn't hurt the production 

I would like to thank all those people who came to my rescue in 
May. Such people as Arlene Piskor, Denise MacKenzie and Ken Lewis. 
Your humor has made the days seem bearable, and gave me the 
hope we might really finish on time. 

Further, I can not fail to mention my roommates, Lori Kilmer and 
Kitty Denues. If I did they might really kick me out! Yet, if it hadn't 
been for their late night help, I might still be copying over sports 
layouts and cropping pictures. I would hope next year the next editor 
has roommates as great as mine. Thanks guys! 

Valerie Wein 
1979 Lance Editor 



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McGuire. Mary E 
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Meech Judith 
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Hertzog. Kevin D 


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McCarthy, Paul Joseph 

McCarthy. Patricia Ann 

McClelland. David C 

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McCullum. Noella M 

McCullough. Richard W 

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McLaughlin. Jeanne Mane 

McLaughlin. Philip E 

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Muroski. Timothy Peter 
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Musso. Thomas J 
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Natalie. Constance Mane 
Neary. Susan Mane 
Nelson. Mary Sue 
Nelson. Timothy William 
Nesbit. Rona L -p 125 
Nestenck. James Joseph 
Nguyen Ledu Quoc 
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O Bnen, Joseph G 
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Ocamb. Thomas E 
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Olin. Timothy R 
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Ore. Thomas George 
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Parker Joyce E 
Pashos. Nikolaos p 116 
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Pasquale. Richard A 
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Peters. Laura Lee 
Phillips. Laura Janet 
Phillips, Leslie Adams 
Phillips. Paul L 
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Price. Wanda Diane 
Pnndle. Kimberly 
Pustelak. Larry J 
Quinn. Timothy K 
Radachy. Brian J 
Rahbar. Ah Reza 

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Reeder. Mandy L 

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Reichel. Juanita Frances 

Reynolds, Alan David 

Richardson. John Ernest 

Rinderle. Mary E 

Ritchie. Rebecca Jo 

Ritenour. Jame T Jr 

Robb. Dennis Gordon -p 113 

Roberts. William Edmund 

Robinson. Jeffrey M 

Robinson. Wayne Leroy Jr 

Roe. Andrew Dulis 

Roeback. Cynthia H 

Rolick. Susan L 

Roman. Anthony Michael -p 116 

Ropelewski. Bernadette 

Rose. Gerald Douglas 

Ross Nicholas Joseph 

Rostas. Jeffrey Albert 

Roth. William A 

Rufta. Anthony M 

Rupert. Evelyn J 

Rush. Cheryl R 

Ryba. Michael Joseph 

Rysz. Stanley Peter 

Sabo. Michael Daniel 

Saggio, Renee Bernadette 

St George. Dianne K 

Salak. Kathleen Mane 

Salvucci. Julie A 

Sansom. Dons Ann 

Sansone, Timothy J 

Santora. Gregory Joseph 

Sard. Joseph Michael 

Scarnati. Rita Diane 

Schaaf. Lawrence D 

Schabacker. Scott 

Schaaf. Deborah J 

Scheid. Joyce A 

Schmitt, Christopher A 

Schnefer. Susan Mane 

Shubeck. Alice G 

Schultz. Howard Carl 

Schuyler. Brandy Kay 

Scnmenti. Rita Michele 

Sedwick. Diane L 

Shaffer. Betty Jean 

Shallenberger. Denise M 

Shathir. Ah 

Shaw. Deborah Ann 

Shayesteh, Bijan 

Sheakley. Wilham O 

Shearer. Charles George 

Shealey. Austin P 

Sheridan. Margaret M -p 125 

Shim. Michael Benjamin 

Shotwell. Donna L -p 115 

Sickert. Edward Willy 

Silliman. Sandra M 

Simon. John Francis 

Simone. Jeffrey 

Simons. Michael Wilham 

Sisk. Kimberly Ann 

Sitter, Peter M 

Sitter, Wendy Yvonne 

Sivak, George S 

Siverhng. Susan A 

Skrypek, Robert John 

Smathers, Marianne -p 115 

Smith, Charles Robert 

Smith. Douglas R 

Smith. Kimberly Ann 

Smith. Mark Edward 

Snider. Cynthia Lou 

Snyder. Christopher B 

Snyder. Maida Patricia 

Snyderwine, Elizabeth A 

Snyderwine. Mane Julia 

Soltys. Gregory B 

Sonntag. John G 

Sorek. Becky Joan 

Sorg, Lynn Mane 

Sorg. Lisa Rae 

Spaeder. Mary Marguerite 

Spevetz. Antoinette 

Starr. Douglas Michael 

Stec. Stephen Lee 

Stefanowicz. Daniel C. 

Steiner, Kim Ann 

Steinhauser. Marsha Kaye 

Stephenson. Ellen F 

Stewart. Garrett Edward -p 103 

Stewart, James Andrew 

Stickell. Daniel Keiffer 

Stockley. Richard Dale 

Stone. Brian Buckley 

Stovall. Tommie Lee 

Strasbaugh. George B. 

Stratton. Karen Ann 

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Surma. Timothy John 

Swahn. Clarence J 

Swaney. Richard James 

Swanson. Cynthia K 

Swanson. Margaret I 

Sybyl. Susan Mane 

Szczutkowski. Nancy 

Szymanski. David B 

Tano. Leslie J 

Taylor. Jean 

Taylor. Katherine Ann 

Tegano. Joseph P 

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Thompson. James Paul 

Thorwart, James Jeffrey 

Titler. Guy Edward 

Tkach. Dave John 

Tobin. Michael Joseph 

Tomczak. Kathleen 

Tomczak. Mark R. 

Torkeo. Gary Michael 

Town. Clarence Robert -p. 113 

Travis. Ranee Diane 

Trawinski. Timothy 

Treese. Matthew James 

Tulho. Patricia A 
Turner. Anne 

Tuznik, Ronald K. 

Uberti. David J 

Uhrmacher, Patricia M 

Vah, John A 

Vargulich. Suzanne June 

Venglank. Charles J. 

Vesonder, Paula M 

Vicinie. Albert F 

Vorsheck. Janice L 

Waechter. Julie 

Wagner, Daniel G. 

Wagner, Robert Derrick -p 103 

Walker. Pamela A 

Walko. Mark J 

Wallace, Mary A 

Wallo. Nanacy Margaret 

Ward. David Nelson 

Ward. Tern Lynn 

Washkow. Luann 

Wasielewski, Timothy M 

Wastowicz. Carol G 

Wein, Valerie Louise 

Welsh, Donald J 

White. Claudia Ann 

Wieszczyk. Cynthia Ann 

Wiggins. Sue Ann 

Wiley. Joyce L 

Wiley. Mary Catherine 

Wiley. Pamela I, 

Wlhams. Karl Leo 

Williamson. Kyle Ann 

Williard, Leo Wesley 

Wilson. David Theodore 

Wilson. Douglas James 

Wiltrout. Kntistin 

Winschel. Gary J 

Winschel. Joseph M 

Winter. Christian F. 

Winzer, James Frederick 

Wnukowski, Matthew S. 

Wolfe. Patricia Kay 

Woodmancy. Anthony R 

Woodworth. Lynn Mane 


Wo/m.ik Anna Marie 
Wright. Juanita 
Wynne. Timothy L 
Yatzor. Jill Annette 
Yothers. Sam A 
Young, Paulette J 
Yurkovic. Kevin James 
Zarnick. Philip David 
Zawislak. Thaddeus G 
Zielewski. Michael James 
Zieloms. Christopher 
Zielonis. Kenneth 


Abate. John Michael 
Abram. Gary Joseph 
Archille. Robert Joseph 
Adamson. Danny -p 120 
Adkins, Diane Elaine 
Aiken. Daniel Brian 
Albenco. Tino Joseph 
Alberstadt. Donald G 
Alberstadt. Michael K. 
Albreski. Richard P 
Allen. Catherine E 
Allen. Robert David 
Allshouse. Beth Anne 
Amendola. Robert John 
Arezina, Celine Paula 
Attenberger. Kevin Lee 
Atterbury. Charles E 
Babb. Robert Arthur 
Baniszewski. Carl R 
Barbaro. Jessica Ann 
Barbati. Alfonso John 
Barlow. M Ann 
Barr, Nancy Ann 
Barron. Kevin W 
Bates. David Michael 
Beddick, Carol Ann 
Bell. William Roy 
Berklite. Kathleen Mary 
Bernardo. William V 
Bibeau. Carl Vincent 
Bilhg. David Glenn 
Billman. Thomas Paul 
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Boeckman. John Richard 
Bogusky. Joyce Annette -p 110 
Bolla. Edward Patrick 
Bolstad. Carol 
Bonanti. Thomas Anthony 
Borowy. James R. 
Bowser, Robert Allan 
Bradac. John Paul Jr. 
Braeger. Rosemary Joan 
Braun. Thomas Anthony -p 128 
Brennan. Thomas 
Bressan. Paul Henry 
Bncker. Melanie Ann 
Briglia Ronald Joseph 
Brougham. Ralph 
Browdie. Rebecca L 
Brown. Brenda Lee 
Bruno. Elizabeth Ann 
Butta. Antoinette 
Bukowski. Karen Marie 
Bumbaugh. James Howard 
Burchick. Richard John 
Buss. Craig Allen 
Buzard. Richard Arthur 
Cam. Bonnie Sue 
Cairns. Marilyn E. 
Canton, Larry Dean 
Carlotti. Thomas Egisto 
Carlson. Georgia Lynne 
Carlucci. Mary Beth 
Carmichael. Susan 
Carnegie. Edward Wm 
Carneval. Paul Jeffrey 
Carney. Candice Marie. 
Carney. Pamela Mary 

Carson. Eugene C 

Carstensen Philippe 

Caruso. Michael Joseph 

Casper. Diane Marie 

Ceccarelh. Brian Joseph 

Cermak, Mary Beth 

Cerroni, Bernard Paul 

Chamets. Christy Ann 

Cheney. Debby R 

Chestnut. Michael John 

Chiocca. Joseph Francis 

Chisholm. John Taylor -p 128 

Chupick. Vicki Lynn 

Cicchetti. Gen Ann 

Cimmella. Rosalia 

Clark, H Kevin 

Clark, James Robert p 116 

Clark. Martha L 

Clark. Robert Arthur 

Clouser, John C 

Coddmgton. Anne E 

Coffey. David 

Coghill. Judith Lynn 

Colonna. Mark Anthony 

Colt. William 

Colvin. Gary William 

Combs, Nancy Lee 

Conn. Barbara A. 

Connelly. Ann Marie 

Conway, Dave J 

Conway. Joyce Mary 

Conway. Kevin Patrick 

Cook, Cindy Marie 

Cook, James Charles 

Cooney. Cathleen Ann 

Cooney, Kevin Charles 

Coppola. Matthew Joseph -p. 116 

Cornetti. Keith David 

Costa. Barbara Jean 

Coughlin, Daniel T. Jr 

Cronauer, Kathleen Marie 

Custer. Michael R 

Dalbow, Milton Randall 

Danch. Richard Alan 

Dandrea. Richard Mark 

Daugherty, Amy Marie 

Daugherty, Susan Yynn 

Davis, Hugh Michael -p 113 

Dawdy. Susan A 

Dedad. James Scott 

Dedomemco. Mary K 

Dehnert. Diane Elizabeth 

Demark. Theresa Anne 

Denues. Katharine 

Depree. Mary Ellen E 

Detisch. Arthur F 

Diplacido. Mario Cesidio 

Dombrowski. Mark 

Dombrowski. Mary Jean 

Donofno. Joseph M 

Dorer, Donna Marie 

Dowling, Francis Paul 

Downing, Charles Joseph 

Drennan. Dian M. 

Dugan, Denise Ann 

Dunshan, Daniel John 

Dusenberry. Sarah Jo 

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Everhart, Darlene Mae 

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Fazen. Patricia Marie 

Ferguson. Derrick -p 120 

Ferraino, Mary Ann 

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Fitting, Leslie A 

Fleming. Mary Jo 

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Francis. Joseph Paul 

Franz. Mark Gregory 
Frey, Christine Ann 
Frey. Jeffrey Thomas 
Fnednch, Kevin Michael 
Gallagher. Patricia M 
Gandolfo. James Michael 
Ganska. Mark Anthony 
Gashganan, Michael H 
Geiger. Lisa Marie 
Gies. Mary Lou 
Giewont. John Francis 
Gilewski, Teresa Ann 
Gill. Leila Ann 
Gillan. Charlene A 
Gilmore. Ronald Lee 
Gloekler. Mary Joan 
Glowacki. Brian Mark 
Goluboff. Arnold 
Gostomski. Laura Marie 
Gougi. Reza V 
Grack. Scott J 
Graffius. Tamara Lee 
Grazzini. Robert Gene 
Green. Carol Ann 
Greene. Stephen Thomas 
Greenholt. Kathryn Ann 
Grise. David 
Groff, Lynn Lucille 
Guerrein. Therese Marie 
Gumma. James A 
Guaghardi Lynne Ellen 
Gunther. Erich William 
Guthman. Edward Jene 
Haggerty. Terrence M 
Hajduk. Mark A 
Hamilton. Jeffrey Paul 
Haney. Joel Scott 
Harayda. Jeffrey J 
Haraseviat. James G 
Harkless. Christopher W, 
Heasley, Francis Bradley 
Heck. David Joseph 
Heidelberg. John L Jr 
Heintzel. Robert J 
Hendricks. Willis Milton 
Herbert. David Michael -p 113 
Herdman. Harold J Jr 
Hesch, Daniel James 
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Higgins. Ronald Gerald 
Hirsch, Daniel Mark 
Hirsch. James Lee 
Hodge. Joanne Michelle 
Holtz. Kristen Noel 
Hooks, Michael Eugene -p 120 
Hopkins. Mary Ann 
Horanic. Richard L. 
Horstman. James Joseph 
Huber. Nancy Jane 
Huegel. Martin R 
Hyche. Joyce M 
lacobucci. Maria Laura 
Iran, Manesh Madjid 
Jackson. Jory Mandeville 
Jageman. Jeff Arthur 
Janis. Edward Paul 
Jarmul. Deborah Laurel 
Jeffries. Pearl Mane 
Jenkins. Donald II 
Jezewski. Aloysius S -p 103 
Johnson. Felicia Maria 
Johnson. James Oliver 
Johnson. Sue Ann 
Johnson. Wayne Douglas 
Jones. Clark Charles 
Joseph. Bryan Michael 
Jovanovich. Marko 
Kalkhof. Christopher J 
Kearney. Starr 
Keating. Joyce Ann 
Keller. Vicki Lynn 
Kennedy. Gerard William 
King. Douglas Michael 
Kirkpatnck. Thomas Lee 
Khck. Douglas C 
Knapp. Robert Frank 

Knouse. John Fredrick 
Koehter. Jeanne Lorraine 
Kohart. Donald Edwin 
Kownacki. Thomas E 
Kowalski. Joseph Michael 
Koza, Patricia L 
Kraft Marianne Isabella 
Krauza. Elaine Marie 
Krepps. Gregory Frank 
Kruszewski. Margaret Ann 
Kun. Bob Franklin 
Kuvik. James Douglas 
Kyle. Kathy Lynn 
Lagner. Stephen John 
Laird. Gary T 
Lallman. James Richard 
Lang. Sheryl Anne 
Lanzel. Barbara Ann -p 115 
Larkin. Keith Edward 
Larson. Jeffrey Lee 
Lastowski. Philip A 
Lawson, Shern Rae 
Leonard. Patrick Francis 
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Longan. Paul Patrick 
Lowery. Clinton Robert 
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Lynch. Kathleen M 
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Machek. James E 
Mack. David John 
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Maciukiewicz. Paul E 
Mackinnon. Debra Ann 
Macko. Robert Frank 
Mackrell, Diane E 
Main, Todd Allen 
Makar. Elizabeth 
Malecki. Janet M 
Malek. Fardad 
Maleski. John Joseph 
Mahnowski. Matthew John 
Mallon, Michael James 
Mansor. Angela Mane 
Maola. Larry John 
Maras. Loretta 
Marconi. Theodore Brian 
Martin, Darlene Mary 
Martin, James Lee 
Marucci. Mario 
Mathew. MM 
Mathewson, Barry James 
Matson. Donald L 
May, John E. 
Mazur, William Ronald 
Mazzeo. Edward Angelo 
Mazurkiewicz. Joseph F 
McAlee. Kevin A 
McAndrew. Brian 
McConnell. James Russell 
McCreary, Denice Ellen 
McEnery. Lee Ann 
McEvoy. Lillian Eve -p 110 
McLaughlin. Joanne J. 
NcNeill. Bryan David 
McNeils, Cynthia Louise 
McNulty. Kathleen Ann 
Metcalfe. Marc Francis 
Metzgar. Edward William 
Miceli, Susan 
Middleton, Albert C 
Mikotowicz. John Joseph 
Miller. James Blame 
Miller. Kathy Jo 
Minguett. Jorge R 
Minzenberger. John 
Mocarski. Gary John 
Monroe. Kenneth Leon 
Mooney. Steven L 
Moosa. Inge 

Mordan. Nancy Ruth 
Morse, Gerald Wade 
Mottillo, John Joseph 
Mullins. Merle Lynn 
Myers, Charles R 
Nally. John Michael 
Natale. Michael 
Neal, Lamar Joseph 
Nesgoda. James Henry 
Niemic. Timothy Daniel 
Norns. Joseph William -p 113 
Novak, Robert James 
Novak. Martina Louise 
Novicki. Thomas Peter 
Nowak. Richard Thomas 
Ochalek. Mark G 
Ochs. Rex Allen 
O'Hara. Mark G 
Oliver. Gerald 
Olsafsky. Greg Michael 
Olszewski. Frank Henry 
Onachila. Alberta R 
Orr. Tracy William 
Otto. George J 
Page. Robert A 
Pagliari. Diana Lynn 
Painter. Susan G 
Park. Anne Frances 
Paskvich. William J 
Passauer. Ronald T 
Pastore. Timothy Paul 
Patahta. Julie Mane 
Pater. Lisa Ann 
Paulenich. Randall J 
Pavilonis. Edward Joseph 
Peden. Sheila Janet 
Peelman. Gregory Thomas 
Petrarca. Jean Mane 
Piotrowski. Knsta Mane 
Pizzigoni, Jeana J 
Polenta. John Paul 
Poloskey. Daniel Edward 
Ponds, Robert Jr 
Pontzer. Douglas M 
Porfido, Frank Anthony 
Power. Theresa Margaret 
Presutti. John Loehrer 
Pugar. Kenneth Brian -p 116 
Purcell. Donald Joseph 
Quick. Patricia Jo 
Radecke. Peter J 
Ramsdell. Gerald Thomas 
Rapp. Edward Geoffry 
Rastetter. Barbara A 
Ratkowski. Timothy J 
Ray. Jams Elaine 
Rea. Frank Ralph 
Reid. Beverly Anne 
Rettger. Joseph C 
Riley. Michael R 
Ritter, Ralph Howard 
Rizzo. Patricia Anne 
Robinson. Jocarne Agnes 
Robinson. Michael P 
Roehrl. Susan M 
Rolen, Paul Benjamin 
Roll. Eric Donald 
Roseto. Karen Marie 
Ross. Craig Raymond 
Roth. Carl 

Rotunda. Mary Suzanne 
Rouch. Jeffrey David 
Rowane. William Anthony 
Rowan. Jerome Prest 
Rowe. Duncan Dennis 
Russo. Mary Bertha 
Rutkowski. Edward S 
Ryczko. Mark Alan 
Salcedo. Herman F 
Salen. Mark Richard 
Samulewski. Dennis 
Savelli. Lisa Ann 
Scalera. Albert Joseph 
Scales. Jeffrey Martin 
Scantlebury. Carolyn S 
Scheffner, Mary Jo 


Schlecht. Thomas Michael 

Schlereth. Paul W. 

Schneider. Fritz 

Schreckengost. Dale J 

Schultz. Kathryn Marie 

Seman, Kathleen Louise 

Serafin. Richard Joseph 

Sharp. Patience E 

Short. Owen Girard 

Shufesky. Donna 

Shufesky. Patricia A 

Shychuk. Mark Edward 

Simmons. Jean Marie 

Simmons. Joanne Marie 

Singer. Deborah Ann 

Skelly. Douglas Scott -p 128 

Slawiak. Sheila I 

Slocum. John C 

Smalley. Joseph G 

Smith. Barbara Jean 

Smith. Janice Lynne 

Smith, Karen Leah 

Smith. Lori Ann 

Smith. Ronald David 

Solymosi. Judy Kathleen 

Sonnet. Sheila Ruth 

Spanornga. Penny A 

Speice. Paula Ann 

Squegtia. Mark Richard 

Stachera. Karen J 

Stanchick. David J 

Stefanovski. John 

Stehr. John Christian -p 116 

Stephens. Karen Jean 

Stewart. Heather Louise 

Stiftinger, Ronald Mark 

Stiller. Richard Leo Jr 

Stock. Carl Joseph 

Straub. Gary Ronald 

Susi. Dan William 

Swabb. Rebecca Ann 

Sweeney. Kathleen M 

Szczesny. Leo John 

Szmyd. Jean Elizabeth 

Taccone. David Mark 

Tann. Michael Charles 

Tedesco. Joseph H 

Terpko. Anna Theodora 

Thomas. Ernest Bernard 

Robin, David J 

Toboz. Richard L 

Tomson. Cynthia Ann 

Totleben. Linda Ann 

Travers. James E Jr 

Treahy. Kathleen Anne 

Tre|Chel. Vincent L 

Triggiani. Joseph A 

Tromans. Kenneth 

Tronetti. Michael Joseph 

Trusel. David Ramsey 

Tuberson. Cindy Ann -p 1 10 

Uhrmacher. Annjean 

Valentovish, Kathleen 

Villella. Joseph Francis 

Vlahos. Darlene Marie 

Voelker. Joseph Ronald 

Volgstadt. Steven W 

Volpone. Susan Claire 

Wagner. Richard Jay 

Walsh. Judith Claire 

Warda. Sandra Jane 

Weckesser. Barbara Joann 

Wehan. Alberta Edward Ml -p 128 

Weis. Larry Lee 

Welch. Susan L 

Wells. John Alfred 

Wentworth. Linwood Gene 

Wesley. Yvonne Edith 

Wetzel, Mark Lawrence 

Weyand, William Richard 

Wheeler, Mark Andrew 

Wheeler. Paul Robert 

White. Bonnie Ann 

Wieczorek. Stephen M 

Wiegmann. William Joseph 

Wien. Lisa Caroline 

Wiler. Kenneth Ray 
Williams. Clara Jean 
Williams. Lynn Marie 
Wilwohl. James Myron Jr. 
Wingard. Edward James 
Winner. Nancy C. 
Withrow. Susan Marie 
Wollman. Erich John 
Wright. Thomas Henry 
Wroblewski. Marcella S -p 163 
Yale. Harold Allen 
Yanicko. William Andrew 
Yeakle. Christopher Todd 
Yezzi. Ann Marie 
Youngdahl. Carol Ann 
Yuskovic. Susan Mane 
Zadoonan. Jura 
Zafiropoulos. Maria 
Zasada. Joanne Marie 
Zatkiewicz. John Mark 
Zehner. Mike 
Ziemba. John Edward 
Zomcik. David C 
Zuzo. Gary George 


Abbott. Mark T 

Adams, Michael David 

Adams. Paula K 

Adams, Richard J. 

Agheli. Hosna 

Agheli. Susan 

Ahmadi. Navid 

Akers, Edward Joseph 

Albers. William Joseph 

Antonelli. Kimberly S -p 150 

Armanim. Timothy Joseph 

Bailey. Leland J. Jr. 

Baker. Keith Alan 

Baker. Richard D II 

Baker. Mark Robert 

Barone. Suzanne 

Bartlett. Susan A. 

Bassi. Nicholas Patrick 

Bates. Donald Joseph 

Becer. Mark Edward 

Becker. Andrew C p 146 

Becker. James R 

Becker. Linda Louise -p ISO 

Beill. Kathryn Mary -p 150 

Belcastro. James A 

Benes. Frank Joseph 

Bernardini, Jean 

Best, Kevin Leon p 150 

Bianco. Gary A 

Biondi. Richard Philip 

Blair. Dennis 

Blank. Linda J -p 150 

Blanks. Joseph Thomas 

Bliley. John C 

Bohen. Stephen Francis 

Brabender. John Andrew 

Brady. Patricia A -p 150 

Breter. Keith Richard 

Brown. David Eugene 

Brown. David James p 150 

Brown. Holly Janson 

Brumagm, Ronald Lewis 

Brzuz. Joyce Marlene 

Bucho. Andy T 

Buckel. Christianne M p 150 

Buckhn, Lynn 

Budney, James A -p 146 

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Burroughs, Joet A 

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Carr. Lesley Lynne 

Caspar. Vivian Ann -p 110. 146 

Cherry. Paul Edward p 151 

Ciarlo. Yvonne Marie 

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Coleman. Margaree -p 151 

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Coogan. Joseph Francis 

Coughlm. Timothy John 

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Crowe. Paul L 

Curtis. Karen L p 151 

Dabkowskt. Christine M -p 151 

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Daurora. Donald Osvaldo 

Davies. John Michael 

Davis. Cynthia D -p 157 

Davis. Todd Melbourne -p 151 

Decarolis. Ricky Lynn -p 151 

Degrott. Anthony W 

Dentler. Paul L 

Depantihs. Anne Louise 

Dickinson. Charles E 

Diloreto. David 

Diplacido. Mark Steven 

Diplacido. John Mark 

Disanza. Lawrence A 

Dowhng. Gregory G 

Dowling, Therese Ann -p 152 

Drgon. Christine Lynn 

Drozdowski. Deborah M. 

Dubowski. Daniel William 

Dugan. Catherine E 

Dugan. Robert Byron 

Dunn. George Raymond 

Earley. Suzanne 

Edwards. Rebecca Jane 

Eldndge. William F 

Elles. Pam 

Elwell. Audrey A -p 152 

Evans. Jack Paul 

Falvey. Thomas 

Farak. Natalie Anne -p 146 

Fazio. Marc E 

Fetcenko. Randolph J 

Ficco. Kimberly Ann 

Fidorra. Cassandra J 

Filutze. Cyndie Jean p 146 

Fioretti. Pasquale L -p 116 

Firster. Patricia Ann 

Fletcher. Wilson S 

Flowers. Mary Jo p 152 

Fonquer. Charles 

Fracassi. Gary A -p 146 

Freeman. Robert L p 146 

French. Michael E 

Fromknecht. Joseph R -p 146 

Frye, Robert Lee 

Fugate. Douglas Steven 

Geib. Lisa M 

Genck. Ann Michelle -p 147 

Giese. Jeffrey 

Geiwont. Darla D 

Giglio. Edward Charles 

Gildersleeve. Duncan M -p 152 

Giordano. Bernard A 

Gittelman. David Kalman -p 116 

Glover. Damian 

Glynn, Mark Vincent 

Gourley. Keith David 

Grayeh. Mohssen Vossou 

Griffin, Michael Patrick -p 116 

Groholski. John Stephen 

Guyda. Anthony Adam p 152 

Hall. David William 

Hapanowicz. Karen Ann 

Hardic, David Andrew 

Hart. Kenneth Gordon 

Heberle Michael D 

Heemer. Randall Boyd 

Helminski, Ronald Walter 

Herbol. Debra A 

Hewitt. Lionel Edward 

Hiegel, Sharon A 

Hitchcock. Greg 

Hobbie. James George -p 120 

Hofer. Richard John 

Hoffman. Arthur J III 

Hofmann. Richard 

Hornaman. Pamela Susan 

Young. Hultman Tom 

Jackson. Daniel J 

Jacquel. John B 

Jahany. David 

Jares. Cynthia Louise -p 152 

Jarmolowicz. Kathleen 

Jennings. Dale Douglas 

Jenoski. Kathleen A. 

Johnson. David Peter 

Johnson. Jeanne Rae 

Johnson. Henry Earl 

Jordan. Susan K 

Kalivoda. James Richard 

Kazin. Brian John -p 147 

Kell. David Alan 

Kennedy. Elizabeth Rose -p 152 

Kennedy. Melissa J. 

Kenyon. Audrey Jean 

Kicey. Diane M 

King, Blair 

Kingman, Patricia Anne -p. 147 

Kise, Knut 

Kiser, Donald Raymond 

Klapthor. George Fred -p 147 

Klein. Jean Marie 

Kleiner. John Edward 

Kline. Alan Eugene 

Klier. Denise E 

Knepper. Gilbert William 

Kokosko. Gregory A -p 152 

Konkol. John Paul 

Koscelski. Anna M 

Korytowski. Edward F. 

Kosin. Lawrence Adam 

Kowalczyk. Donald Joseph 

Kramer. Drew H 

Kraus. James Brian -p 147 

Kraus. Robert Fisher 

Krkoska. Carolyn Ann 

Kruise. Barry Paul -p 153 

Kruse. Suzanne Mary 

Kuebler. John Clarke 

Kuhar. Karen Ann 

Kurtzhals. William A 

Kwitowski. Frank W -p 147 

Larkin. James Regis -p 152 

Lass. James E 

Laurie. Richard P. 

Leone. Louis Dommick 

Lewis. Arthur Joseph 

Lewis. Patricia H 

Liebenstein. Richard J 

Lindquist. James M 

Lipski. Marion C 

Lonchanc. Francis Clair 

Loney. Bernard Gerald 

Luber. Mary Kathryn 

Luddy. James Joseph 

Mack. Cynthia -p 152 

Mackrell. William J -p 147 

Madzy. George Kenneth 

Mahoney. John William 

Makarowsky. Alexander 

Malik, Patricia Marie -p 152 

Mannarelli. Angela 

Marchal. Frank Andre 

Maries. Jeffrey John -p 147 

Marino. Ricky Donald 

Mata, Carlos Jose 

Matson. Thomas James 

Mattern. Frederic Leroy 

McCarthy. Thomas V 

McClinton. Beverly A 

McCloy. Candance S 

McCormick. Pierre Robert 

McCracken, Charles A 

McDonald, Patrick M 

McDonnell. Victor Irving 

McGallis. G Bernard 

McGmty. Gerald L 

McGivern. William T 

McKevitt. Cecelia Ann 

Mehal. Donald Matthew 

Memert, Robert Leo -p 147 

Meleason. Paul Michael 

Mendel. George Joseph 

Mercun. Vincent H 

Mikolajczak, Michele L. 

Miller, Daniel Charles -p 148 

Miller. Douglas Wm 

Miller, Frank James 

Miller, Gary R. 

Miller. Joseph John -p 148 

Miller. William Charles -p 153 

Milloy. Patrick Charles 

Mink. Mary Catherine 

Mitchell. Gregory John 

Moran, Richard Eugene 

Morgan, Michael 

Moses. Hayes Leroy 

Murphy. Karen S 

Murray. Nancy Lynne -p. 153 

Murray. Robert Patrick 

Musso, Mariann 

Nasca. Michael Jude -p 113 

Navarro. Rowland Keith 

Nedza. Susan Marie 

Nelson. Stephen John 

Niebauer. Mane P 

Niedomys. Paul J 

Niedzielski. Barbara 

Novacco, Luciano Peter 

Nowacki, Edwin Anthony 

Oatman. Robert 

O'Connor. J. Timothy 

Odell. Kathleen M 

O'Donnell. Janet Ann -p 153 

Olewnik. Vincent Ray -p 153 

Ondich. Stephen Paul 

Ondich, Mary Kay 

Oneil. Rosanna Maria 

Onuoha. Charles Okwu -p 148 

Opalenik. Mark Andrew 

Orlando. Jeffrey J -p 148 

Ostrowski. Douglas C. 

O'Toole. Valerie Ann 

Paczolt. Elizabeth Ann 

Page. Richard Howard 

Paprocki. Gregory James 

Pastor, Lynne Anne 

Pastore. Donald -p 148 

Paterniti. Kimberly Gail -p. 148 

Patmore. Thomas L. 

Penne, Bradley Devan 

Peterson. Jerome Patrick -p 148 

Peterson. Richard Edward 

Petulla. Toni Lynn 

Pfister. Robert P -p 148 

Pietrzak. William C -p 148 

Piett, Sharla Ann 

Piroli. Robert Joseph 

Piskor. Thomas G, 

Piskor. Arlene Louise -p 153 

Pollock, Ronald Kevin 

Pomozzi. James Edwin 

Pontonero. Pasquale 

Port. Patricia Ann 

Potalivo. Christopher J 

Pulinski. Judy 

Pytlak, Joanne -p 148 

Rakovan, Mark Dennis 

Randzaao. Roselle E 

Reagan. Mary Elizabeth 

Reid, Cecil J 

Ricci. Kenneth James 

Rickloff. James Richard 

Roache. Michael Paul 

Roach. James William 

Rocchi. Jerome Thomas 

Rogowski. Thomas Eugene 

Ropelewski, Mary Clare -p 148 

Rose, James Norman 

Rutkowski, Kathleen Anne 

Ryan, Daniel James 

Ryan, John Robert 

Sabol. Michael A 

Sammons. Phillip Duane 

Samuelson. Barbara Ann 

Santoro. Steven G 

Sapper. Barbara Ann -p 149 

Sawicki. Karen Joanne 


Sayers. Carol L 

Scacchitti. Erjido 

Schreck, Timothy J 

Schultz. Herbert Joseph 

Scott. Michael Edward 

Scutella. Richard M 

Seager. Richard Bryan 

Sergi. Timothy Patrick 

Shaughnessy. Mark Joseph 

Shenk. Oebora Sue 

Shugart Susan Diane 

Simmons. Nancy J 

Simon. Lynn Ann 

Smigel. Daniel Mark 

Smith Edward Emil 

Smith. Kathleen Marie 

Smith Matthew P p 149 

Smith. Nettie Vernel 

Snell. Lon Aidan 

Sorg. Paul Jerome 

Spadacene. Anna Mary -p 149 

Spadacene. Barbara Jude -p 149 

Spak. Rose Mane 

Squeglia. Richard 

Stanovich. Deborah Jean -p 149 

Stebnisky. Cynthia Ann 

Steele. Tommy Hugh 

Strenio. George James 

Suhan. Albert Eddy -p 149 

Susi. Johanna M 

Sutherland. William E. 

Swabb. Martin Richard 

Swienski. Russell Mark 

Takach. Paul Edward 

Talanco. Sam R 

Tallon. Winifred 

Tassotti. Teresa 

Teed. Theresa Ann -p 149 

Teubert, Karen Mane -p 149 

Thompson. Mark Edmund 

Tippett. Bryan Keith 

Toale. Kevin P -p 149 

Town. Henry Dorr 

Turner, Barry James 

Uhl. Geralyn M 

Undercover. Gregory A 

Uplinger. Dale Edward -p 149 

Uzarski. Tim G 

Verrecchia. James A 

Vincent. John Sherwood 

Virgili. Man Jo -p 1 10 

Vokac. Kenneth Jerome 

Vuksta. Bruce James 

Wade. Mary Beth 

Wade. Willie Glen 

Walker. Beverly A 

Walker. Patrick George 

Walsh. Thomas Joseph 

Warus. John P -p 149 

Weithman. Joseph Michael 

Wenzel. John Michael 

Wieczorek. Paul John 

Wieszczyk. Paula M 

Will. Gregory G 

Willis. Susan Beth 

Wright. Mona Margaret 

Wrotniak. Chester M 

Yambor. Kathleen Jean 

Yaple. Deborah 

Yearn. Eileen Beth 

Yelensky. Yvonne Ellen 

Yochim. Scott Blam -p 149 

Zaczyk. John A 

Zambrano. Edison Justin 

Zamierowski. Mark W 

Zaremba. Christopher 

Zarnegar. Ramin 

Zeiber. Sharon Ann 

Zelina. John H 

Zeus. Anthony Philip 

Zilch. Herman G Jr 

Zimmer, Brian Timothy 

Zingaro. Marian 

Zingelewicz. Steve F. 

Zoltowski. Christopher 

Zuber. Jane Mane 


Acn Mitch 
Aghahowa. Theodora 
Ahlquist. John A 
Alexa. Matthew 
Aquillano. Samuel R 
Ashworth. Paul G 
Aspden. Janice 
Astemborski. Simin 
Auerbach. Janice L 
Auer. David 
Bahremand. Mehran 
Baldwin. Bruce W 
Bannas. Reynaldo S 
Bell. Sherrylee 
Bellamy. Marilyn D 
Bender. Cheryl A 
Bendzuch. Michael T 
Bentz. Maria G 
BidweM. Edward L 
Bille. William A 
Bodistow, Carl D. 
Bogdan, Stephen M 
Boice. William K 
Booth. Harold 
Bosko. Thomas J 
Brecker. Robert F 
Brennan. Karen 
Bretz. Paul R 
Brinkle. Carolyn 
Brosnan. Gary P 
Brosz. John C 
Brugger. Rosemane 
Brugger. Timothy L 
Brutcher. Kimberly A 
Bryan. Timothy 
Bucceri. John A 
Burkhardt, Dennis C 
Buttertield Erie John 
Cade. Bill 

Campbell. Christopher A 
Chernicky. Orpha F 
Churchill. John C 
Chynoweth. Mary L 
Cipriani. Paula 
Clark. David Alvin 
Coats. Joseph P. 
Coats. Paula G 
Cocco. Karen J 
Cooney, Thomas A. 
Currie. Joseph M 
Curtis. Daniel L 
Daniloff. Donna J 
Davachi, Mohamad 
Denniston, Patricia A 
Dickens. Bettie J 
Distefano. Frank V 
Dombrowski. Beverly A. 
Donnell. John L 
Dopierala. Richard J 
Dublin. David John 
Duda. Susan H 
Dunn. Mark S. 
Duska. Charles T. 
Ensani, Louis A 
Evans. Paul R. 
Evans. David 
Evans. Shelley L 
Evans. Suzanne L. 
Faber. Thomas M 
Fairchild. Dan Dale 
Fanning. Robert H. 
Ferguson. Gordon A 
Ferguson, Matthew K 
Figueroa. Patricia A 
Fisher. Mark E. 
Flatley. Bridget E. 
Fleming. Mary C. 
Ford. Valerie A 
Fratalia. Daniel C. 
Fryhng. Richard D 
Gallagher, Marilyn 
Galmish. Paula Sr 
Gehres, James A 

Getschow. Ronald E 
Gomes. Roy L Jr 
Goodman. Frederick A 
Graham. William 
Granetto. Nicholas J 
Gresak. Oebora E 
Grode. Timothy N 
Groff. Bernard W 
Groholski, Marianne 
Gustafson. George R 
Guzohk. John J 
Hammond. Shirley 
Hanes. Janice A 
Hann. Charlotte M 
Harabedian, Pauline P. 
Hardner. Karen A 
Hart. Connie 
Hartwell. James E 
Harvey. Laurie Dee 
Hatch. Barbara 
Hazer. Sharon L 
Heintz. Maty Tncia 
Heitzenrater. Kathleen A 
Hemmings. Cheryl A 
Hess. John P 
Hiller. Paul G 
Himes, Nard K 
Hindman. John H 
Hitchcock. Kimberly A 
Hoffman. Timothy Lee 
Horner. Barbara H 
Howell. Drake W 
Huegel. John E 
Hultman. Thelma J. 
Ilkhani. Hassein 
Intneri. Ronald J 
Jackson. Patricia A 
Jadali. Javad 
James. William S 
Jedynski. Robert F 
Johnson. Linda 
Johnson, Mary M 
Johnstone. Robert W 
Jones. Herman O. 
Kaiser. Ann M 
Karle. James John 
Kazley. Linda Marion 
Kedzierski. Debra K 
Keefe. Colleen 
Keister. Jackie 
Kelley. Alice S 
Kelley. Vickie M 
Kenneth. Kimberly 
Kensill. Joyce E 
Kerber. Ann Mane 
Kerr. James H 
Kim. Young Ja 
Kirk. Angeline M. 
Kirsch. William 
Kissman. Judy Ann 
Kluczynski. Daryl R. 
Kneller. Judith 
Knepper. Robert A 
Kostek. Florence A 
Kranz. Pamela H. 
Krepelka. James A 
Krul, Marianne 
Krupski, Elaine M 
Krzeszewski. Joseph E. 
Lake. David M 
Lamoreaux. Linda M. 
Landes. Donald C 
Larrey. Elizabeth A. 
Law. Roseane 
Law. Scott G 
Lechner. David E 
Lefaiver. Joseph R 
Lloyd. Virginia A. 
Lovercheck. Wayne Loren 
Lucero. Mark T. 
Ludwig. Margery W. 
Maciukiewicz. Susan M. 
Maiewski. Gregory R 
Malekzadeh. Nga 
Malekzahdeh. Hussein 
Maleski. Richard M 

Malinowski. Andrew S 
Mansfield. Daniel D 
Martin. Greta 
Martin. Michael J 
Marz. David E 
Masi. Gerald J 
McAndrew. Dennis W 
McCallion. Patricia 
McCarthy. Joanne 
McClelland. Brenda J 
McFarland. Mary E 
McQuire. Kathy Ann 
McLaren. Rose M 
McLaughlin. Wendy J 
McMahon. Paul L. 
McMaster. Velma L 
McNeill. Kim B 
Mehrabi. Zadeh Honarmand 
Meister. Douglas L 
Metalonis. John A 
Meyers. Jacqueline D 
Mientkiewicz. James S 
Miles. Moses E 
Miller. Eunice Ann 
Mioduszewski. William M 
Moabool. Mohammed 
Moran. Susan 
Morell. James Norbert 
Morris. Michael R 
Morrow. Scott A. 
Muffie. Raymond A 
Murch. Donald Prentiss 
Murphy. Margaret R 
Murphy. Patrick G 
Narducci. Michael A 
Narusewicz. Michael A 
Norman. Virgil E 
O'Brien. Richard J 
Olds. Alan R 
Olszewski. Dennis W 
Ostergaard. Gail H 
Page. Carol J 
Palermo. Anthony R 
Palermo. Cynthia L 
Palotas. Gerald M Jr 
Patterson. Linda L 
Pattison. Kent Ray 
Per. Steven Robert 
Perry. Richard E 
Peters. Thomas C 
Phillips, Theresa M 
Plisiewicz. Cynthia 
Plonski. Lisa B 
Pochatko. Gregory S 
Price. James E 
Priest. Sandra L 
Pugnalin, Maria Elaine 
Rand. Robert H 
Rebar. Robert D 
Rensel. John W 
Resch. D^vid P 
Reuss. Mary A 
Ritter. Michael G. 
Roberts. Mill Lalaeth 
Rodngues. Ronald M 
Rogers. Barbara L 
Rohan. Richard 
Rohan. Gerald Charles 
Roseski. Thomas M 
Rothstein. Cynthia R 
Russell. Peter C 
Ryan. Maureen A 
Salvi. Lena M 
Sardini. Jean Mane 
Sarnowski. Susan M. 
Savko. Jeffrey T. 
Scarpelh. James R 
Schlabach. Gretchen M 
Schlecht. Wendy S 
Schlosser. Larry A 
Schreiber. Judy Sr A 
Sedor. Nancy 
Selling. Barnett I 
Seymour. Teresa Mary 
Shaffer. David S 
Shakley. Roger L 

Shea. Mary 
Shelatz. Edward P 
Simon. Michael H 
Simonsen. Cynthia L 
Sims. Barbara L 
Sinclair. Eleaner C 
Sliker. Ralph R 
Smith. Gary Russell 
Smith. Gregg J 
Snyder. Sandra M 
Soisson. Ellen 
Soltis. Robert M 
Sparks. Stanley E 
Stafford. Michael J 
Stankiewicz Bernard C 
Steber. John R 
Stickell. Edna J 
Stock. Renee 
Stokes. Mary A 
Stolarski. Elaine M 
Stonesifer. Phyllis E 
Strenio. Bonnie 
Strub. Carl A 
Stubenhofer. David C 
Tahmasian. Rooben 
Tapply. Jon K 
Thayer. Roger P 
Thompson. Dennis J 
Tome. Richard 
Toneini. Rosemane 
Trott. Susan E 
Troyer. Lynn 
Tupitza. Martha L 
Turker. Erol I 
Twillie. Pamela 
Ul. Susan Mane 
Vahidkassm. BUan 
Vitale Joseph L 
Weaver. Jeffrey J 
Wemdorf. Thomas E 
Wellington. Lorraine A 
Wells. John M 
White. James D 
Wickett. Ann 
Will. David M 
Willpaul. C Jr 
Will. Sharon M 
Wilson, John D 
Winschel, Robert J 
Wojciak. Kay D 
Wolanin. Mary R 
Wroblewski. Daniel E 
Yochim, Peter B 
Yount. Krishna D 
Zasada. Elaine M 
Zeart. John S 
Zurn. Geraldme D 


Alexander Wesley E -p 120 
Ambron. Karen E. 
Anderson. Linda L 
Angert. Michael P 
Bauer. Robert F 
8ifulCO. Anthony G 
Bobelak. Kim M 
Bonacchi, David P -p 103 
Bova. Rosemane 
Boyle. Sean P 
Brabender. Judy M 
Brown. James J 
Bussand. Barbara Lu 
Capotis. Michael -p 103 
Catanzaro. Daniel M -p 113 
Cheaton. George R -p 120 
Dado. John J 
Dailey. Peter J 
Dartnell. Robert P 
Deckard. Nicole A 
Desimone. Helen Ann 
Detzel. Charles T 


Divecchio. Mark A. 
Oivincenzo. Bruce J 
Doran. James B II 
Dougherty, Stephen W. 
Durante. Darlene M 
Eagley. Mrchael 
Ferraro. Mary Ann 
Fiscner. Gregory T. 
Frankowski. John J. 
Giles, Michael 
Glover. Roy A. 
Gredler. Timothy P 
Hairston. Maurice -p 120 
Hatfield. Karen A 
Hawkins. Phillip J. 
Heberle. Ralph 
Hiller. Warren M 
Hmes. Gregory L 
Hurley. Jeb S 
Karimi. Masihi V. 
Kelley. Marie F. 
Kovacic. Mark S. 
Koza. Richard A. 
Krack. Robert K 
Kubeja. Robert P 
Kutschke. Marian 
Larese. Manlynn 
Lefever. Wendy A 
McCarthy. Dennis P 
McClendon. Adrian H 
McCormick. James N 
McFarland. John J 
McMiilen. Stefanie J 
Mentesh. Ibrahim 
Orelski. Michael L 
Parsons. David W 
Pomorski. Daniel P 
Powell. Jeffrey L 
Quirk. Kevin J 
Ratkowski. Stephen G 
Ritchie, Charlotte A 
Rogers. Ralph W 
Ruskamp, Robert 
Santangelo. Susan B 
Sdao. Lon M 
Sempert. Thomas C 
Seymour. Annette B 
Sholley. Michael H 
Sistek. Carol Ann 
Stammler. Joan M 
Tatara. Martin John 
Teculver, Jeffrey S 
Thorn. Amy L 
Vaccaro. Rosalie M 
Vershay. Joseph M 
Vitalo. John C 
Wachter. Anne 
Wethli. Mary C 
Wilwhol. Mark E 
Wo|nar. Laura L -p 115 
Wolanin. Kathenne J 
Zackoski. Carrie G 
Zelepsky. Stanley P 
Zielinski. Diane M 
Zultowski. Deborah A 

Clubs & 

Alpha Epsilon Rho 
Alpha Gamma Delta 
Alpha Kappa Psi 
Alpha Phi Delta 
Alpha Psi Omega 
Anthropology Club 
Beta Beta Beta 
Circle K 

Commuter Organization 
Delta Chi 
Delta Sigma Phi 
German Club 

Greek Fraternities 

Alpha Gamma Delta 

Alpha Phi Delta 

Delta Chi 

Delta Sigma Phi 

Pi Kappa Alpha 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 

Tau Kappa Epsilon 
Historical Society 
Institute of Electrical Engineers 
Interdormitory Council 
Interfraternity Council 

Little Sisters of Delta Sigma Phi 
Little Sisters of Phi Kappa Alpha 
New Spectator. The 
Omicron Delta Epsilon 
Order of Diana 
Outdoors Club 
People of the World 
Pershing Rifles 
Personnel Management Club 
Pi Kappa Alpha 

Psychology Club 

Resident Advisors 
Saint Mark's Seminary 
Scabbard and Blade 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 
Sigma Pi Sigma Honor Society 
Ski Club 

Social Work Club 
Society of Physics Students 
Spanish Club 

Student Government Association 
Student Social Board 

Tau Kappa Epsilon 

•Please note that the student 
directory was compiled according to 
the Fall '78 Term 

Teachers And 

Aburachis. AT Or p 194 
Acn. Michael J -p 200 
Adams. Paul K Dr p 195 
Aggarwal. M Dr -p 205 
Agnese. Louis -p 187 
Ahearn. John 

Alberstadt. John W p 193 
Allessio, John -p 201 
Allshouse. Robert H Dr -p 200 
Andersen. Kenneth W Dr -p 203 
Anderson. David L 
Angotti. Frank F Dr -p 197 
Anton. Emil -p 195 
Babowicz. Edward B p 196 
Bagnoni. Mario p 183 
Barnhart, Peter -p 204 
Barrett. Mary -p 193 
Barnnger. Becky L 
Bennett. Charles A -p 194 
Bock. Marianne -p 185 
Booker. Bonita -p 191 
Brairton, Barbara Sr 
Bressan. Joseph L -p 193 
Brinkle. Lydle F -p 197 
Brown. Herbert 
Bucholtz. Michael Dr -p 204 
Cantoni. Dennis 
Carney. Mary Pat -p 187 
Carney. Melvin Dr 
Carney, William J -p 198 
Ciccozzi. Attilio Dr -p 197 
Cicero. Raymond F -p 186 

Close, Louis B 

Comella. James 

Cook. Arthur H -p 208 

Corntore. Charles 

Crittenden. George B Md -p 189 

Cultu. Mehmet -p 205 

Czyzewski. Tadeusz Dr -p 208 

Dagon. Ellen -p 187 

Davies. Grace 

Delaura. Nick R -p 205 

DeSante. Paul Rev Dr -p 195 

Deslatte. Paula S -p 186 

Dewaelsche. Cynthia Sr -p 185 

Dipre. Giho Rev Dr -p 199 

Dobiesz. Robert J 

Dolmsky. Paul -p 199 

Donahue, Dennis 

Drexler. Charles Rev Dr -p 181 

Duda, John J Dr -p 195 

Dudas. George J 

Dunford. Richard J -p 179 

Dymski. Ann Sr 

Eichelsdorfer. David R -p 193 

Ellis. Ernest S -p 184 

Eiweii. Howard J -p. 181 

Falkewitz. Robert J -p 202 

Feldmeier. John 

Ferralh. Michael W -p 208 

Feretti. John DO 

Figurski. Jud -p 204 

Fin. Robert Rev Dr p 198 

Finegan, Anna 

Fisher. Kenneth 

Fisher. Marilyn 

Fleming. John J p 200 

Flynn. Paul 

Fogl. Frank 

Fox. Richard p 192 

Franz. Edward Rev 

Free. Suzanne -p 196 

Freeman. James J p 206 

Freeman. Thomas M 

Frew. David R Dr p 181 

Frew. Mary Ann -p 182 

Froehlich. Gary -p 190 

Fuller. Lee C Atty p 193 

Gagen. Charles E Jr 

Gamble. Kenneth R Dr p 200 

Gammon. Richard A Dr -p 203 

George. Annmarie 

Gilewicz. John P -p 206 

Gnanasekaren. Rangasamy Dr 

•p 205 
Gocal. Theodore F 
Grack. Scott 
Greer. Goeffrey p 193 
Gregorek. Joseph Rev Dr -p 203 
Gnesacker. Paul B Dr -p 208 
Groff. Bernard p 183 
Groszkiewicz. Frank W -p 205 
Gupta. Behagival 
Haas. Francis Reg 
Haeger. Cherie Ann Dr p 195 
Hahn. Raymond W 
Hammer. Robert C p 188 
Hanes. James G Atty -p 193 
Henneman. Dennis R -p 202 
Herbstntt. Richard L Dr -p 186 
Hesch. George P Dr -p 204 
Hetra. Joseph 
Hillin. Byron 
Hilinski. Bernadette T 
Hopper. James A -p 208 
Hornfeck. William A Dr -p 205 
Houri|an. Maureen -p 197 
House. Raymond N 
Hresko. Claire -p 190 
Huckabay. Warren T Ma| -p 198 
Hultman. Carl A Dr -p 204 
Ivengar. Ranger 
Jablonski. Dolores 
Jacobs. Stanley 
Johnson, C Leonard 
Jurenovich. David M 
Kelly. Phillip H Dr -p 186 
Kennedy. Warren C Dr -p. 205 

Kenwood. Joan 

Ktehlmeier. Shirley -p. 189 

Kiley. James E Mai -p 199 

Kim. Paul S Dr -p. 200 

Kirkpatrick. M Jude -p. 195 

Klempay. Janet Dr -p 199 

Klobchar. Thomas R -p 182 

Kohlmiller. Elmer F Dr -p. 203 

Kokoros. James J Dr -p 203 

Konopka. Michael A, Ma|. -p 198 

Koontz. Christian Sr -p 184 

Kosar. Halit M Dr -p 180 

Kosc. Wieslaw Dr -p 205 

Krahe. Francis X. Lt Col -p 182 

Krastel. Joseph Rev 

Kraus. Gerald A Or -p 207 

Kuchta. Leslie M -p 190 

Kumar. Ajith 

Kupetz. John C -p 196 

Lafaro. Joseph R Dr -p 200 

Lafaro. Margaret -p 197 

Lander. Edward 

Larrey. Martin F Dr p 180 

Lasher. William C 

Latimer. William N p 180 

Lechner. Carl B Dr p 182 

Leu. Joseph A Dr p 208 

Levan, Richard D 

LeVan. Sally L p 196 

Levis, Robert J Rev p 186 

I oh. Chi Hsaio Dr p 205 

Lubiak. Casimar Rev p 189 

Lundy. Charles L Or p 199 

Luzzi. Salvatore Rev 

McBride. Rosalie J p 184 

McCartan. John 

McCarthy. Paul 

McClary. Dennis E p 190 

McCracken. Ward p 183 

McCullough. James Rev p 206 

McGivern. James J Dr p 203 

McLaughlin. Joseph W p 185 

McSweeney. Thomas Rev p 202 

Mahan. Gary Dr p 194 

Mai Phan T. Rev p 202 

Mailhan. B Michael p 124. 188 

Mangin. Charles 

Marcus. Robert 

Marin. Dennis Rev p 188 

Maskulka. James M p 193 

Maus. William 

Maxwell. Joanne p 207 

Meltzer. Richard Dr 

Menzenberger. Carl p 207 

Miceli. Anthony J p 202 

Miller. Ted Atty 

Miller. Thomas C p 209 

Minkiel. Stephen J Rev p 200 

Minot. Walter S Dr p 195 

Mitchell. Barry J p 202 

Moffatt. Ann p 201 

Monahan. Thomas A 

Moore. Larry W 

Moosa. Matti Dr p 197 

Morris. Karen p 126. 192 

Mory. Robert N 

Moye. Gary 

Mueller. Lydia 

Murphy. Charles M p 201 

Murphy. William F p 201 

Nargund. Narayan 

Nash. Wilfred Rev Msgr p 177 

Nedell. Jay S 

Nelsen. Robert J Dr p 199 

Niebling. Howard V Rev p 197 

Nies. Rita Ann 

Ogawa. David 

Orbanek. Gerald Rev p 202 

Orton. Geraldine L Dr. p 199 

Ostrowski. Thomas S Dr p 201 

O'Toole. Austin J Rev Dr p 203 

Pendry. James D S p 5. p 198 

Pelzar. Francis A Dr p 204 

Peterson. Paul W Dr p 179 

Piotrowski, Thomas 

Pizzat. Frank J. Dr 

Plavcan. John p 208 

Powers. Richard E Rev p 206 

Prah. John A. p 209 

Quinn. Kevin J p. 179 

Rao. Anthony V Dr p 201 

Remhard. Gregor M Dr p. 200 

Renner. Dennis K Dr p. 196 

Rex, Margaret 

Richmond. Caliope p 185 

Rogers, Edward E p. 206 

Rouch, John S Dr p 182 

Rubino, David Rev p 189 

Sabol. Regis 

Sague. Minguel A Dr p 198 

Sala. Frank p 207 

Santangelo. Francis A Maj p 199 

Sarafinski. Dolores J Dr p 196 

Scahse. Frank N p 193 

Schanz. John Rev Dr p 202 

Schauer. Richard C Dr 

Schiegg. Jay B 

Schlosser. Patricia A p 189 

Schroeck. Bernard A. 

Scottino. Joseph P Dr p 178 

Scully. Thomas A. 

Seiverhng. Thomas p 201 

Sellaro. Louise p 193 

Selvage. Daniel Rev 

Selvaggi. Jerry A p 204 

Sims. Barbara p 191 

Sitter. Richard E Dr p 208 

Smith. Charles R. Jr Dr p 195 

Smith. Homer L Jr p 191 

Smith. Kathryn M p 189 

Sotto. Eron DeLeon Dr p 198 

Spalding. David P Dr 

Spiece. Lawrence T Rev p 179 

Spinks, Gerald J 

Squeglia. David 

Steckler, Gerard G Rev p 197 

Steele. Dennis C p 188 

Stewart. Robert L 

Straub. Detmar 

Strohmeyer. George E Rev p 183 

Sukitsch. Richard E p 183 

Sullivan. Richard J Rev p 185 

Susa. Robert P. Rev p 195 

Susko. John P. Dr p 194 

Symmons. Konstantin Dr p 201 

Szendrey. Thomas L Dr p 197 

Tatsch. Paul A Dr p 194 

Tenpas. Margaret p 196 

Thompson. Fred D p 184 

Timmons. Robert G Md 

Tkach. Michael S p 196 

Treiber. James A p 187 

Tronetti. Margaret 

Twohill . M Dominio Sr p 199 

Upton. Thomas V Dr p 200 

Vales. Robert Lee Dr p 196 

Van Aken. Shirley 

Varrato. George p 190 

Veerasingham. Walter J Atty p 201 

Volpe. Ronald J 

Walsh. Gerard P p 197 

Watson, Alfred Bishop 

Weber, Berta M Dr p 198 

Weckesser. Mary p 196 

Wehrer. Robert A Dr p 195 

Weible. Marguerite M p 204 

Weidle, Paul A p 207 

Weigold. Judy 

Wellington. John F Dr p 194 

White. James Sgm p 199 

Wilson. Robert C 

Wozniak, Casimir Rev p 202 

Wright. Ernest G Sr p 194 

Wrobel. Charles R 

Wroblewski. John E p 194 

Yehl. Addison Rev p 204 

Zafiropoulos, Andreas p 194 

Zagorski, Stanley J p 181 

Zalas. John p 208 

Zawistowski. Thomas p 192 


1979 Lance Staff 

Business Editor: 
Index Editor: 
Layout Editor: 
Organizations Editor: 
Photography Coordinator: 
Endsheet design: 

Valerie Wein 
Ken Lewis 
Mary Pat Lampone 
Kym Antonelli 
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Margie Pendleton 
Bernie Groff 


Greg Fisher 
Mike Tronetti 
Julia Tokarske 
Mark Ward 
Carol Sistek 
Jenny Capretto 

Staff: Iggie Antosz 

Theresa DeMark 
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Diane Markesich 
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